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Friday, August 21, 2015

A 21st century woman's quest

Of all the problems in the world, the one problem you wouldnt expect a woman to face in 21st century is to find a handbag she really really likes, isnt it?  

Yet that is precisly the problem that plagues the author of this blog. She has it all pictured out in her head but isnt able to find it anywhere outside of that.  She isnt even one of those who change their handbag according to their clothing. Just one handbag would do* . Between how do people do that, when they change their handbags how do they take the 'kuppai'(crap) that they have accumulated from a Tote to clutch. Also can clutches fit in anything in them? Can one even open them or they just an ornament?

As you can clearly see, such complicated objects like totes/hobos/clutches( words the author is now familiar with because she was shopping for something called handbag) isnt what she is looking for. 

All she is looking for and looking for a long time now is an elegantly designed, dirt-repellant** hand bag with couple of pockets for easy access***, couple of partitions inside  and most importantly a zip(which she forgets to close and has seen the consequence several times). Simple you think? she thinks too. But here she is on the hunt for the fourth year.  AndStill looking.

On some confession moments with friends, she has realized she isnt even a lone sufferer. 

Water water everywhere only.

*( fine two I am being greedy here)
**( very important very very important)
***( seriously that one time when the cellphone rings inspite of at &t and you are also around you cant be missing a call because the handbag had no pockets - that would be a crime)
First of all a handbag needs an easily reachable pocket

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

In the past 10 years, every single time I have stood in the checkout line of the grocery stores, I have seen Brad, angelina and Jennifer Anniston's faces. About how one of them is going to leave the other,  caught cheating with each other latest one on how one of them is dying due to weight loss.. 

None of them ever happens though. 

PS: I spotted some student buying a box of top ramen noodles. Total throwback to my own grad school days, we used to throw away the flavor packets and make it with sambhar powder. 


Saturday, June 6, 2015

Came back after a very short India trip earlier this week.

1.  Got to spend the whole time with my parents - bestest vacation ever. I wish I could be like my dad when I become a parent, I know I wont be but it is awesome to have a Dad like this. 
2. After all these years, home is still where my parents are. This surprises me because I have lived in my current apartment for a long time. It is a running joke among my friends and family  about how  I havent changed my car/apartment/place of work for a long time now. Yet, Madras home feels like home. 
We arent even a sentimental bunch as a family. I remember no tears were shed when I boarded the flight at 20 to USA.
But I am happiest when I am with my parents, inspite of the fights(there were none this trip) I am at utmost  peace when I am with them.  It also helps that they arent controlling and are more let live type parents inspite of being quite traditional.
3. This time took the middle eastern route - Abudhabi. The airport itself was so meh. I realize that going back from USA most places end up underwhelming you( not including India). Singapore airport is awesome, the staff very courteous and efficient but the city isnt impressive at all  - just reminds me of India.
4. The slight glimpse of middle east makes me wonder if that place would have been an Africa if not for the oil bloom. The staff are so inefficient. 
5. People constantly assume that I am in early twenties to 25, asking me if I am studying. It could be because I am single( an anamoly for Indian girl at my age) or because I am short or slightly chubby. But it still does my ego good :)
 Once a friend's friend was planning to set me up with his roommate who was three years younger than me. This super annoyed my pretty friend because he had estimated her age to be three years older than what she was. Essentially he was saying I am six years younger than her :)
ok, will stop with bragging now.
6. Masala poli, AnnaLakshmi, Sree mithai, chikku milkshae, some party sapadu and most importantly Amma's cooking - bliss.
7. There are only handful of people who know how to navigate within Annanagar now. This after one project that was blocking the 3rd avenue was completed. But that place itself is only four streets so it still looks submerged in the metro rail construction. I want my Annanagar back!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I watched an NBA game tonight*. Have watched few games but long time ago. Half way across the game, it strikes me that the coat-suit potta people are actually coaches - while agile people on the court were refrees. 

Weird very weird. 

You might think this was weird for me because the only sports I have really watched is cricket where umpires are more formal while the coaches practically look like they are part of the team.
I would like still standby that the Coaches in coat suit is weird. Very weird.

*My home team won.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Words ... meaning and feminism

"If you look at feminist in dictionary, it means some one who believes in equals rights of men and women... .......that word is weirdly used in our culture that some women think if you say you are a feminist that some women is going to start yelling at them............but that is how words work oh yeah I am a doctor that does primarily does disease of the skin. Oh so you are dermatologist? Oh no thats way to aggressive word for me....."

I really laughed out loud when I first heard the above comedy bit. Then thought some more, it is still funny but I am not signing up for the feminist tag and continue to believe in equal rights for all, cutting across the stereotypes.

The problem as he partially explained is that the word feminism has been usurped to mean various other things including hatred for men. Like the word Pro-life - a simple meaning word that has been abused by the wrong people.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Bay area

"He felt deeply that California was the only place he could live. It’s the slanting evening light on the hills, the palette, the fundamental beauty. In his very soul, Steve was a Californian. He required the liberty it afforded, the clean slate. He worked under the influence, and the inspiration, of the sublimity of the place. He needed to be refreshed by the primal rhythms of the natural world— the land, the hills, the oaks, the orchards. California’s spirit of newness invigorated him, and ratified his own spirit. Its scale is contagious: such natural grandeur is the perfect setting for thinking big." Laurene powell at Steve job's memorial - Becoming Steve Jobs: The Evolution of a Reckless Upstart into a Visionary Leader (p. 409).

God willing, I have different plans for my future location - affected by roots, nostalgia.  But starting from the short visit during grad school to moving here few months right after in spite of another compelling offer to today - 10+ years later ( my longest or close to longest ) - I have loved this place.

In yet another book on steve jobs that I couldnt resist buying, I found the perfect capture of the why.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Why do we care about the west thinks anyway?

I havent watched the nirbhaya documentary.( cant revisit the incident).  But  have read the whole hoopla over the documentary.

Before I left India, I would have cared too. But now that in the past  10 years I have seen what these countries have done. They have always been like that, it is just that I understood it better as an Adult.
From invasion of Iraq(I rock) to Bhopal gas incident's response to tons of hazardous crap to western imperialism to the way they deal with their muslims in wake of terrorism. Nothing has been right. Everyone has pointed this out repeatedly in tons of magazines.

Do we ever read a report on them banning or even answering a single question? Why do we have to care?

Ps: Meanwhile we still have to solve the problem, face the problem every day, solve the problem by fighting with not just criminals and society but with the politicians and other influential people in solving the problem.