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Monday, June 24, 2013

"‘The world goes on without us. There’s no reason to take it personally.’"
- from mad men?

just thought it should be jotted down. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


2 books a week is the plan

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mad men, this season

All the problems I had with the last season of mad men - Don being faithful after his marriage to megan as if his ex was the reason for all his straying or Joan's path of elevation to partnership, this season seems to be answering them. Don strayed as expected, Betty got her closure beautifully, more than couple of people threw it in Joan's face about her chosen path.

Between, did you know? - there is whole Konar noteworth material on mad men online - for each episode!(konar notes are notes for stateboard tamil books - my cousin used to read it vehmently, we thought she should just use it as a pillow it was that huge).

I googled to find out more about bob benson and results were insane.  People were speculating about a Pete-Bob relationship(the latest episode threw it away), Bob being an FBI agent( such a far fetched theory), time machine bringing back Peggy and Pete's child from the future(seriously americans, give it up no time machines are coming your way). Makes me wonder if they have a whole betting syndicate going on somewhere online for this?

Also, it puzzles the whole world around mad men doesnt even a give a second thought to the fact that Don Draper in personal life - i mean reel life person - is an horrible husband, father and brother. I mean I need to shake my head and remind myself!

Ps: what you dont watch the show? Get out? really? you dont watch television at all, then it is ok. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

A week ago, I ran into an old friend with whom I had lost touch. The past came back, I really wondered why she abruptly cut off ties suddenly. I opened up last few messages between us, only to realize I didnt reply to her emails.

It was me! And for more than couple of years, I thought of her as the culprit. There were some very minor skirmishes - in all likelihood probably just in my head and those eventually translated into assuming she didnt want to stay in touch!

 Feeling even more guilty now because they had helped me quite a bit when I just moved here.

Today during a small talk at work, the guy kept referring to a project I work on but not in a relevant context at all. There were some minor flares in my head considering how important this person was. I then asked a question and he looked puzzled for a second but went on to answer that. 

Couple of hours later, while discussing with a colleague, it then stuck me. There are two applications the project goes to and I work on one side(on a minor role) and he works on the other(a much bigger role). 

I had been listening to it from my side and the question needless to say was from that perspective.

While he had been thinking about his side of the application and the puzzled look.

Moral lesson, kiddos, think where the other person comes from for a second.