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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tamil nadu politics

My thoughts have been the exactly the same as rest of Tamil nadu wrt recent events. It is just that these sentiments have zigzacked quite a bit this past year. We have been jumping off from one log to another in a sinking situation. Too many blinders.   

At first, we hated DMK for its 2G scam corruption and nepotism so much that TN that Jayalalitha won a historic consecutive term. Then when Jayalalitha was hospitalized, anybody other than sasikala became the new Mantra. We hoped Stalin would be able to break ADMK and form a government in case something happens to Jayalalitha. Well Stalin is DMK ( & his brother & nephews & half sister & so on). Suddenly DMK's corruption which still mattered after 6 years, wasnt discussed after 6 years and 6 months. 

Now we think Paneer selvam anyday over Sasikala. But what do we know about him? Is he corrupt and if so how corrupt? ( surely there are grades of corruption levels for Indian politicians). Is he a good administrator?  

We dont know.  In fact the only thing we know is Jayalalitha trusted him and he never betrayed that trust. 

One cant even say that about Sasikala. How much of Sasikala's corruption did Jayalalitha partake in will be more of mystery than how and why these two were that close. The latter part atleast JJ knew but I wonder if she knew about the former well.

By shrouding herself with all the relatives Jayalalitha had thrown out and by throwing out the very administrative team JJ put together, it is very clear that 30+ years of friendship that elevated her in status and materialism means Zilch to Sasikala. Nobody had heard Sasikala speak while Jayalalitha was alive. What we knew were only the stories in media. Her behavior post Jaya's death has been consistent with all those evil stories we read. 

I understand the need to keep Sasikala out at any cost but I am not sure if Paneerselvam is the elixir we are looking for or if he would be even a reliable log.