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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Twenty years of Muzic

The post has been lying in the drafts folder forever, I mean for .... five years! The post about a school girl in Navy blue pleated skirt and white shirt with remote in hand at 8.00 am one fine morning many years ago. As sathyaraj smeared santhanam(sandal) on his screen sister(for the nth time),  her mom whizzes by saying, "ethu oru song nalla eruku"(one song is good). The girl pressed the ff button. Then the man in an 'Odam' appears. 

She replayed the song atleast once more that day before she headed out to the school bus.

First things first, there is a girl in the universe who is currently writing about how she wasnt born when AR made his debut.I am not that girl. That brings questions. I havent really liked any music director as much after AR.  Will I become one of those of fans commenting on every video of the future rockstar music director( whoever that be) saying how awesome AR is, and how he and only he deserves Oscar.  Claim music is only music if it is from Rahman and the rest is all PR ?*


But from that day when I told my brothers about the music which sounded just like the ads with inbetween stories of the shop owner calling home right after the cassette hit his store( my brother had bugged him as much) to today when I literally lol  in my head realizing how behind the glass wall members of the fitness19 across the road seemed to be in perfect sync with the katiya karun blasting on my  iphone earplugs.... AR Rahman, I am so glad you came to the scene.

**PS:  yeah thats what I see in each Ar rahman's video - Illayaraja's name.  I like illayaraja too. I am just not that fan who comments about Illayaraja in Ar's video or viceversa.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Kindleness's awesomeness

One of THE awesome feature of Kindle apart from the fact that you no longer need to wait for a book either in library queue or in shipment when you have an utter butter urge to read  it,  is that you can highlight a word and it displays the dictionary result for that word. Yes synonyms included.

I am not huge on dictionaries, in fact thought it was weird when some one described having a dictionary in every room as a dream so that as they come across a word they can immediately refer for the meaning. Mostly one can make out the meaning of words... atleast my reading has rarely been interrupted for the want of word's meaning.*

But I find myself highlighting words as I browse articles online, except web browser isnt the kindle app!

 PS: before you jump, most of vocab is from GRE word list so it isnt much.