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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

 Lot of books continue from last time. I did learn a couple of things in the process.

One, You cant read a book and multi-task something else unlike watching TV:). All along I thought I was spending way too much time on TV, but it just seem to have provided a background noise.

Two, tastes change. I dont think I am that drawn to fiction anymore, the only ones I seem to be reading are auto-biographies. 

I  made some progress - did read about 4-5 books. ( tender bar, From third world to first, couple of Sophie kensella's books and  Einstein's biography and Lowland - partially).  
I liked tender bar,  though felt the writer skipped over the portions that readers look forward to in auto-biographies - the path to success. He had plenty of positives in his life from getting admitted to top university to making it editor of a high profile newspaper instead the book exclusively concentrates on the tougher portions and barely mentions the good stuff. Nevertheless, he is an amazing writer. It is actually tender. He is one of those writers who can recall exactly how they felt during their childhood and make you feel the same. I might just pick up his biography on Agassi just for his writing.

Picked up the biography of Einstein by Walter Isaacson on a similar vein. Walter wrote Steve Job's biography where I didnt enjoy the writing initially but later warmed up to his approach towards the steve's life.  Unfortunately, 100 pages into the Einstein's story, I had to return it (Note to self: dont talk abt the book to friends/neighbours who share the same public library as yours). I was anyway stalled because they were talking about physics that I was sort of familiar with but couldnt recall entirely - planck's constant and the likes.I almost felt like a refresher course to junior high physics class.  But a recommended read for sure. 

From Third world to first - vayathuerichal( stomach burning) is the word. I will write about this book in detail later but it is amazing how one single man can transform a small city nation that had no chance of survival while we have just faltered completely. An extremely interesting read.I still have couple of chapters left. 

Bridget jones diary was a book that I have thoroughly enjoyed over many many repeated readings. I can flip to a page and always expect a laughter in return. So picked up couple of Sophie Kinsella because it was suggested to be in that lot. IT WASNT. ( yes that demanded capslock) - girls  women finding their true love deal - written in the most cliched way possible. The plots are sometimes interesting - one of the two books I read was about this girl getting the dream life she wanted - rich handsome guy who is madly in love with her except he is super annoying and her life is the most boring. Somewhere all of us have a lesson there, isnt it? But there wasnt anything else engaging abt the book - neither the way it was written/ the characters.

Next 10 days do look promising. I have to be at work when I shouldnt be and I am not travelling. So looks like its story time in sachu kichu land.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

So, I have taken a resolution.
No junk food - fried or sweet for 5 weeks + hitting the gym everyday for a month. Hoping to get to this, so that I can borrow the graph :). Actually I wouldnt mind doing the graph at al god :)

Lets see.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Meditation, blogging - all good things in life

Went for an hour of meditation. Closed my eyes, observed each of the surrounding noise so that I can tune them out, took  couple of deep breadths and let my thoughts flow.

A procedure I picked up from a  brief yoga class few summers ago. Except I dont get any thoughts, instead I let the images roll by in my head.

Have you tried meditation? do you follow a procedure too?
Also back to blogging, going for a post a day. Online world, I heard is bereft of garbage.

Monday, October 21, 2013

An ABCD accent

An ABCD(american born confused desi) accent is not obviously an Indian accent but what is surprising me is it isnt an American accent too!

Have you noticed that?

Friday, October 18, 2013

No Good Deed goes Unpunished

I didnt know that as I stopped car for the red light at the intersection of Benton and Pomeroy. I didnt know as I felt a strong jerk and got out of the car to inspect the damages to the bumper. Seeing no damage except an impression of  a small circle and the 16 yr old driver with fear written all over his face apologizing profusely blaming the brakes, I, still clutching my back with pain, told him I will not pursue it with insurance unless my backache continues. After exchanging the required info, I got into the car. 

The pain was gone the next day.

Good deed, right?

Except the pain boomeranged big time after good 4 days. I confused it with everything from PMS( this was much more severe than that), gas(??? again much more severe), my weight gain( but 2 lbs can do this?), even the chair @ work to any one who stopped by my cube. Finally after 3 days, I visited the doctor who tells me some thing went wrong with muscles when my body was recovering from the accident. 

With or without the medicines, it will take 3 or 4 weeks to recover. 

And then I read the title line.

PS: Dear God,  I cant have this repeating on me. My car could have a bumper, side door, heck you even damaged the parked rental car I got last time when my car was recovering. I only have one back, and there is no renting another one in place of me.. atleast to me.

PS1: but again why i am being rear ended when the traffic light is red and my car was stopped for good minute or two. It is not as if the light just turned red.. i mean that wouldnt be ok, but atleast would be understandable. How could you not hold on to your brakes?

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sachu kichu is a economy expert

A:"Why did you tell appa that Rupee value is going go down to 75?".
M:"Because John Abraham said so in Times of india".
A:" He is so worried".
A: See i am always suspicious of academics in blah blah
role. Every one praised blah1 when he was first appointed.
M: Who is blah1?
A: he was the federal reserve blah blah chief. ( said with a slight smirk on face)
But Blah2  has saved the economy almost.
M: Who is blah2?
A, gives up and concentrates on his mini idli.
Ps:  obviously blahs were some non blah words which i cant recall.. actually which i didnt get even when they were spoken.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Boo congress workers who acted like hooligans


Aditi Restaurant Bill Slamming UPA

Monday, July 15, 2013

jury system, khap panchayat somewhat similar, no?

Monday, June 24, 2013

"‘The world goes on without us. There’s no reason to take it personally.’"
- from mad men?

just thought it should be jotted down. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


2 books a week is the plan

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mad men, this season

All the problems I had with the last season of mad men - Don being faithful after his marriage to megan as if his ex was the reason for all his straying or Joan's path of elevation to partnership, this season seems to be answering them. Don strayed as expected, Betty got her closure beautifully, more than couple of people threw it in Joan's face about her chosen path.

Between, did you know? - there is whole Konar noteworth material on mad men online - for each episode!(konar notes are notes for stateboard tamil books - my cousin used to read it vehmently, we thought she should just use it as a pillow it was that huge).

I googled to find out more about bob benson and results were insane.  People were speculating about a Pete-Bob relationship(the latest episode threw it away), Bob being an FBI agent( such a far fetched theory), time machine bringing back Peggy and Pete's child from the future(seriously americans, give it up no time machines are coming your way). Makes me wonder if they have a whole betting syndicate going on somewhere online for this?

Also, it puzzles the whole world around mad men doesnt even a give a second thought to the fact that Don Draper in personal life - i mean reel life person - is an horrible husband, father and brother. I mean I need to shake my head and remind myself!

Ps: what you dont watch the show? Get out? really? you dont watch television at all, then it is ok. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

A week ago, I ran into an old friend with whom I had lost touch. The past came back, I really wondered why she abruptly cut off ties suddenly. I opened up last few messages between us, only to realize I didnt reply to her emails.

It was me! And for more than couple of years, I thought of her as the culprit. There were some very minor skirmishes - in all likelihood probably just in my head and those eventually translated into assuming she didnt want to stay in touch!

 Feeling even more guilty now because they had helped me quite a bit when I just moved here.

Today during a small talk at work, the guy kept referring to a project I work on but not in a relevant context at all. There were some minor flares in my head considering how important this person was. I then asked a question and he looked puzzled for a second but went on to answer that. 

Couple of hours later, while discussing with a colleague, it then stuck me. There are two applications the project goes to and I work on one side(on a minor role) and he works on the other(a much bigger role). 

I had been listening to it from my side and the question needless to say was from that perspective.

While he had been thinking about his side of the application and the puzzled look.

Moral lesson, kiddos, think where the other person comes from for a second.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

An Unfair God!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Happiness isnt an exclusive place.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

This surely is some Rishi's curse

Number of times somebody has said something not so good( abt me) and I have thought of an apt comeback moment that somebody has left = infinity.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A hot tip for a successful marriage

Friend's father mentions about a couple in which the wife hardly would say a word. That is the secret of a successful marriage. Mom pitches in, without an adjusting wife no marriage can be successful. All these while, marriages worked because women adjusted. And nowadays... , she sighs.

I take it all in. I ask him, " so when I get married(eventually), I shouldnt talk."

"Well, she didnt. And the Man was very lucky."

"So when I get married, If I dont talk, all the problems wouldnt even arise, you say?"

"Yes. The key to a successful marriage", he says.

"Can I talk to other people?. I mean I wont talk to him but I can call others right? ."

My friend chips in, " an affair with someone else?"

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Limiting the freedom of expression

I want to write about issues atleast a month after dust has settled. Clear picture less emotions at play and all.

Freedom of expression, to me, always was the right to express one's opinion as long as it isnt abusive in a personal capacity. Anything Public is open to debate including religion. When you call a Person names without a reasonable basis, that is an abuse. 

During the whole Viswaroopam Saga, it was often stated that this freedom is only till it doesnt touch an Individual('s err.. nose). But speaking about a religion isnt the same as speaking about a Person. The argument I heard against this was if you cant speak about me, how can you speak about something I keep at a higher esteem than me a.k.a religion - that was a question from some Muslim religious leader.

It did make some sense. 

But then going by the same logic, for a Hindu, who prays to idols/ pictures wholeheartedly, calling this practice/person in derogatory terms is touching their nose too. Yet all three abrahamic religious text do that. So does this mean those books should be banned now by the same logic? 

I think I will go along with US definition on this one. Anything and everything is open to criticism. If it hurts me or you. too bad you can always cry to Mommy or you can argue back. ( I will do a bit of both).
Where do you guys stand on this issue?

1. First the drama of the ban, then the expected relief of judgement delayed by a week, favorable judgement stalled and then highlight  of the whole drama - emotional speech from Kamal  followed by an anti-climax of a sudden ending. The whole viswaroopam issue kept me entertained for days together. I love it when I have news story to follow on a daily basis. If you think about it, it isnt as stressful as a personal deadline or a problem. Yet One, atleast I, had firm opinions on the subject to feel passionate about the result. And even if the issue goes haywire, it is so easy to shrug it off. 

I did feel sort of letdown by the sudden end. Overall  it was great entertainment. Even the movie pales in comparison. After all it is 2 week real life drama against 3 hr reel one.

2. I grew up in Tamil nadu. This state is pseudo-secular(appeasing minroity) but mostly irreligious what with that mega wave of dravidian movement which advocated rationalism and atheism. I was extremely stunned to read Pro-hinduish comments on some tamil websites. It seriously saddened me to see this polarization.

May be it was all due to the frustration of not being able to watch the movie. After all,   Films are the official religion of this state.

3. I am not sure what sort of powers and equations were at play here( i doubt anybody apart from  Jayalalitha really know the true story). It  did seem quite silly that the neighboring states with far higher Muslims populations were able to screen the movie. But somehow it was a threat to Public safety in Tamil Nadu. Sounds shameful that a government bends to irrational blackmail.

4. Even sillier is  some muslim organization taking an insult to the Taliban as an insult to  their religion. seriously, why would you associate yourself with that dreaded organization. 

5. On a not so tangential line, I found it baffling that few organization can claim to speak for the entire muslim population of the state. I am a practizing hindu and all, but just because of that connection there is no way some random organization can claim to speak on my behalf. Def. not the ram sena's(on whom Pink Chaddi's were wasted) or the other hazaar senas who should have been ideally locked up for their harassment of public.

Lastly most importantly, world needs to start using more renewable energy resources atleast less petrol( i couldnt type less gas! I mean..). Yes, this line is extremely relevant to this topic.


Monday, April 8, 2013

First among equals

An iconic shot if you will. Who was the better prime Minister?

Pic source:www.dnaindia.com

Friday, April 5, 2013

One of the finer pieces of Onion

"Calling the overall human experience “poignant,” “thought-provoking,” and a “complete tour de force,” film critic Roger Ebert praised existence Thursday as “an audacious and thrilling triumph.”"

Monday, April 1, 2013

Life after google reader?

Have you already thought of what after google reader?  A friend suggested flipboard but they dont have a PC version, atleast not yet.

It is my most used product from google after search.

Any suggestions?

Thursday, March 14, 2013

After life

I have been reading a lot on religions for couple of weeks now and one thing that occurs to me is a lot of religious stuff is based on after life effect - whether good or bad as in heaven or hell or more lives etc.

But I doubt if most of us are really driven by after life effects as much as the effects in this life?
I am not talking about the overtly religious ones. Just the Average Jane?

Do you think about after life in terms of your actions, in case you are the God fearing type?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Irrelevant to the current turmoil, actually even before the viswaroopam started, I have been reading up on Middle east and where they stand in terms of religious tolerance.

What surprises me there is, that the freedom that was enjoyed by Women in this country as late as 80s is deteriorated now.

I think first time I heard this was in Afghan, more than a decade ago, I have read how Women used to go out and work up until early90s and now, we all know the situation there.

This surprises me because you are used to the notion of Progressive ideas as years roll by - especially true in 20th century. Yet in some of these Islam countries even though things must have definitely improved , it deteriorated in 80s. Puzzling, right?

What I suspect is,usually there is always the intellectual group, a small group in every country. In the initial years of forming of countries, they seem to have an upper hand in the direction of the country. But eventually, the majority opinion - which could be easily leered off by fundamentalists, sets in and they take it back to stone age era.

It still puzzles me.

How is it relevant? To me the idea of these countries being this backward is disturbing, even more disturbing because they believe this is the way, the right way and want to evangelize others too.

WILL IT HAPPEN TO US TOO? ( that is the scary part).


Religion should have no Role in public life. There cant be any debate, whether it is hinduism/Islam/Christainity - there should be no space for it in a modern day country. I judge America for the fact that they invoke God in all their Political speeches. God bless America, it seems.

If at all I get fanatic about something, it is this idea - Countries constitution without any reference to religion whatsoever, except for the freedom in a personal space.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Indian News: India says Pakistani military* ambushed at night, attacked its soldiers and beheaded them.

Pakistani news:Pakistan says its military** didnt behead anyone and Indian soldiers killed Pakistan's soldiers.

US news: India and Pakistan have a border tussle, both have nuclear capabilities,said the report in a small corner where nobody can see.
The headlines of the day spoke of a us citizen being bitten by a Afghani mosquito so US is going to wage  a war against IROCK.( Iraq for the literates).

* seems to be independent of Pakistan Govt or any responsible institution, no?
** considering the first * how would the Pakistan government know anything about its military? 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Father of the year, no?

"All fathers should do their best to instil confidence in their daughters. They should make them independent. They should not cower behind this incident."

- that is the father of the girl who died in the delhi rape incident speaking. 

PS: this should be the last post on this incident, hopefully. I dont have it in me to read anymore on this. No parent should ever have to endure this sort of pain. I mean all the effort in bringing her up for this????? God!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Modern art

We get to know about culture from the past through paintings and other artifacts from that period, right?
I was just going through some 'modern painting' today which looked like well how a 2 yr old would draw on a paper - exactly like that. Imagine if these were the only paintings that get preserved for some generation in 4000AD or something?( i know world will end before that:), but just saying ) I mean they would think all we achieved was the intelligence of a 2 yr old!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I like, not just like, but love the fact

1.that Kasab had his own lawyer, got a proper trial in this country and was executed recently. ( though i do believe the rumor that he died out of dengue fever! ).

2. the accused of this rape case that is rocking the country are going to get the same fair trial.

3. that the punishments in our country are not stoning or amputation but life sentence and in the rarest of the rare case is death sentence.

Personally, I would have loved these people get all kinds of body harm and suffer to my hearts content.

But that is not what I would want the law to do or the people of this country to do.

I recommended chemical castration and still do because That doesnt sound barbaric to me.  It has been effective in several states when it was tried in US. It is a solution to a problem, albeit not an easy one to implement in India.

But I am fine with laws for the most part which were written/will be written with punishment, prevention of crime, safety of society  and fairness in mind.

This is how civilized societies roll.
I understand why the juvenilles are treated differently. Till a certain age, children are society's responsibility. But the juvenille due to whom the girl died as per Wiki(wiki not Britannica's encyclopedia ) was cannibalistic.  I cant imagine living in a world where he will roam around free after 3 yrs. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Dear God,
Let 2013 be the year where good things happen to me, ok? ok.


PS: what an odd number of an year, no?