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Thursday, March 14, 2013

After life

I have been reading a lot on religions for couple of weeks now and one thing that occurs to me is a lot of religious stuff is based on after life effect - whether good or bad as in heaven or hell or more lives etc.

But I doubt if most of us are really driven by after life effects as much as the effects in this life?
I am not talking about the overtly religious ones. Just the Average Jane?

Do you think about after life in terms of your actions, in case you are the God fearing type?


viswajith.k.n said...

how about both?

shoba said...

I have been reading " A short history of everything" by Bill Bryson,a fabulous book, that talks about Earth's evolution. Once you read it, any life turns to a paltry existence of another being in the evolution process. And thats when it hits you, of whether to believe or not to believe even in God, leave alone after life.
To answer your question, I think, at least in Hindu religion, the concept of after-life has been brought about mainly to make sure that people follow morals. And the concept of karma, so one doesnot feel too dejected about something in life and can blame it on past karma, to move on with life. Hmmmm... maybe I should write a blog post.

Sachita said...

Not just hinduism, even christainity and Islam stress on after life heaven/hell or judgement day concept.

It is EXTREMELY true that our individual life or even this century of life might not even be a speck in the overall scheme of things....

but from my tiny tiny view, my life is all that I worry about, and only I am going to worry about it, no? :)

You should write a blog post.