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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Irrelevant to the current turmoil, actually even before the viswaroopam started, I have been reading up on Middle east and where they stand in terms of religious tolerance.

What surprises me there is, that the freedom that was enjoyed by Women in this country as late as 80s is deteriorated now.

I think first time I heard this was in Afghan, more than a decade ago, I have read how Women used to go out and work up until early90s and now, we all know the situation there.

This surprises me because you are used to the notion of Progressive ideas as years roll by - especially true in 20th century. Yet in some of these Islam countries even though things must have definitely improved , it deteriorated in 80s. Puzzling, right?

What I suspect is,usually there is always the intellectual group, a small group in every country. In the initial years of forming of countries, they seem to have an upper hand in the direction of the country. But eventually, the majority opinion - which could be easily leered off by fundamentalists, sets in and they take it back to stone age era.

It still puzzles me.

How is it relevant? To me the idea of these countries being this backward is disturbing, even more disturbing because they believe this is the way, the right way and want to evangelize others too.

WILL IT HAPPEN TO US TOO? ( that is the scary part).


Religion should have no Role in public life. There cant be any debate, whether it is hinduism/Islam/Christainity - there should be no space for it in a modern day country. I judge America for the fact that they invoke God in all their Political speeches. God bless America, it seems.

If at all I get fanatic about something, it is this idea - Countries constitution without any reference to religion whatsoever, except for the freedom in a personal space.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Indian News: India says Pakistani military* ambushed at night, attacked its soldiers and beheaded them.

Pakistani news:Pakistan says its military** didnt behead anyone and Indian soldiers killed Pakistan's soldiers.

US news: India and Pakistan have a border tussle, both have nuclear capabilities,said the report in a small corner where nobody can see.
The headlines of the day spoke of a us citizen being bitten by a Afghani mosquito so US is going to wage  a war against IROCK.( Iraq for the literates).

* seems to be independent of Pakistan Govt or any responsible institution, no?
** considering the first * how would the Pakistan government know anything about its military? 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Father of the year, no?

"All fathers should do their best to instil confidence in their daughters. They should make them independent. They should not cower behind this incident."

- that is the father of the girl who died in the delhi rape incident speaking. 

PS: this should be the last post on this incident, hopefully. I dont have it in me to read anymore on this. No parent should ever have to endure this sort of pain. I mean all the effort in bringing her up for this????? God!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Modern art

We get to know about culture from the past through paintings and other artifacts from that period, right?
I was just going through some 'modern painting' today which looked like well how a 2 yr old would draw on a paper - exactly like that. Imagine if these were the only paintings that get preserved for some generation in 4000AD or something?( i know world will end before that:), but just saying ) I mean they would think all we achieved was the intelligence of a 2 yr old!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I like, not just like, but love the fact

1.that Kasab had his own lawyer, got a proper trial in this country and was executed recently. ( though i do believe the rumor that he died out of dengue fever! ).

2. the accused of this rape case that is rocking the country are going to get the same fair trial.

3. that the punishments in our country are not stoning or amputation but life sentence and in the rarest of the rare case is death sentence.

Personally, I would have loved these people get all kinds of body harm and suffer to my hearts content.

But that is not what I would want the law to do or the people of this country to do.

I recommended chemical castration and still do because That doesnt sound barbaric to me.  It has been effective in several states when it was tried in US. It is a solution to a problem, albeit not an easy one to implement in India.

But I am fine with laws for the most part which were written/will be written with punishment, prevention of crime, safety of society  and fairness in mind.

This is how civilized societies roll.
I understand why the juvenilles are treated differently. Till a certain age, children are society's responsibility. But the juvenille due to whom the girl died as per Wiki(wiki not Britannica's encyclopedia ) was cannibalistic.  I cant imagine living in a world where he will roam around free after 3 yrs. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Dear God,
Let 2013 be the year where good things happen to me, ok? ok.


PS: what an odd number of an year, no?