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Thursday, January 17, 2013


Indian News: India says Pakistani military* ambushed at night, attacked its soldiers and beheaded them.

Pakistani news:Pakistan says its military** didnt behead anyone and Indian soldiers killed Pakistan's soldiers.

US news: India and Pakistan have a border tussle, both have nuclear capabilities,said the report in a small corner where nobody can see.
The headlines of the day spoke of a us citizen being bitten by a Afghani mosquito so US is going to wage  a war against IROCK.( Iraq for the literates).

* seems to be independent of Pakistan Govt or any responsible institution, no?
** considering the first * how would the Pakistan government know anything about its military? 


viswajith.k.n said...

terrific post...could not stop laughing.

Sachita said...

thx but this is how the news really was on this incident.

viswajith.k.n said...

well that is how the news has been for the entire 4 decades when we had issues with our dear neighbours