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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Raj Kumar Hirani is planning a biopic on Sanjay Dutt next. Yes, after dealing with Gandhi and God, biopic on Sanjay dutt. Except Raj Kumar Hirani can show every one good - thats probably how the man sees it too. It is disgusting  how the criminals are celebrated mostly on screen.

And that disturbs me. Everything about Sanjay dutt and his celebration in bollywood disturbs me.
His and out of Jail treating it as his vacation home - Our outcry not having any impact on this.

So I decide I wont watch PK

Well until tommorow or how ever long  I can hold off my non-film watching still wanting to watch Lingaa and PK friends.

Lingaa was watched, Punishment endured.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

live and learn

Heard/ rather read this word for the first time today. An adult used it.  um..

book recommendation?

Hello, is any one here?
And before we go any further, any good books you have read recently that you liked?
Oh and how are you?

Thursday, July 31, 2014

About what Indra nooyi said

So Indra nooyi said, you cant have it all. All the men with super successful careers hopefully nodded their head.

I wonder why the discussion isn't about how to have your cake and eat it too aka how to be a successful ceo and have a good work-life balance too. Instead all I have been reading about is, women cant have it all. 

Men dont either, is all I am saying.

For very valid reasons, I decided I should blog regularly. I will do a post on the valid reasons too one day :)

Friday, May 16, 2014

Another blog, another election post.

After spending couple of hours engrossed in movies, having almost forgotten about election results, I checked the news - the election results are already out. 

First of all, congress is out. A big hurray for that. That is the only outcome I was sure I wanted. And for congress and Nehru family  to vanish from Political scene which I know is little far fetched but that is definitely on my wish list. 

Secondly, arent the results amusing? Crunching numbers of the various regional party wins, a blackmailing Jayalalitha/Mamta brigade - in short the usual post election antics is what I imagined. 
Because I realize that is the only sort of central govt we have known. Do you realize? Most of us have grown up with only with coalition rule at the centre

Now, I am not jumping with joy at all. Do feel scared about quite a few things - 
  • the unnecessary shade of religion( this time another religion - my own) - considering BJIP's base, it seems even unavoidable.  I am a practising Hindu and all but a religion space is always within the confines of a person's private life not in public domain.
  • dictatorship - dont like it cant stand it
  • and on the issue that bothers me the most about my country- corruption. BJP hasnt proved to be any different in their last stint. Narendra modi hasnt been caught in a corruption scandal yet.  And They dont have coalition political dynamic to blame. But somehow I just dont believe, it will be any different. Let us see.
  • Btw,  I dont care about if modi has a gf just dont care about his personal life.  unless he has commited a crime, dont care Period.

PS: found it a little strange that even as of yesterday political parties and media behaved as if BJP had already formed the government( they didnt say it will form a govt. of its own, that seems to be the only surprising element from yesterday to today)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Just talking

1. I like to talk
2. I talk a lot

I am not this, but I cant be held responsible for what I talk.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

About being strong

Came across this wonderful article yesterday night -  I would have appreciated a bit more if it was written 13 steps to face life or something like that but that is a minor glitch. 

The points did resonate well with me.

What I am(marked in italics) and what I am not from the list.
#1 Waste Time Feeling Sorry for Themselves - not as much. My close friend is like that and I get influenced easily so from time to time one can see shades due to that but my personality isnt  that. I am too much of an optimist to feel sorry for myself.

#2 Give Away Their Power - see the point above. I twirl in my bed for hours together in the night when I feel somebody would have misunderstood me. People's opinion matter a lot. Thankfully, I have couple of close friends with whom I discuss every inch of my life and who dont care for other people's opinion much and remind me to do the same. But to take this power other random people and their 2 bit opinion has me is the hardest # for me to overcome.

#3 Shy Away from Change - blah. change? bring it on. I am all for change. I crave for something new all the time. I cant relate to not wanting change, as a child I waited for a new school year for the new set of friends it will bring about. Sameness bores me.

#4. Waste Energy on Things They Can’t Control  - Credit goes to my parents. 

#5. Worry About Pleasing Others  - Bah see how point#2 relates backs to this one. I do often goof up and unintentionally let out words that might not please others, but the agony I suffer after realizing the goof up.. god. I am on this guilt trip at present, for past 3 days infact. I did come from a good place and had the right to feel the way I felt - just wasnt right in my approach, yet this has made every second miserable. On the other hand, in this same period, some one else in a related case happily trampled on every one's feeling and spoke as if others hurt them.

If there is a middle path,  and if I can take that, that would be really really great.

#6. Fear Taking Calculated Risks. - cant worry about risks, not in my dna. I do analyze the scenario and I am ok with results if they go the other way. Sometimes  my final decision isnt purely objective and more on the lines of what heart really desires- I dont like it but I have accepted that part of me too.

#7. Dwell on the Past - Past/Future whatever that is my address- present is where I rarely live. escapism is the word.

#8. Make the Same Mistakes Over and Over I cant but help being driven by passion sometimes but dont think I do this, I definitely try to learn from my mistakes and think of  how to avoid similar scenario all the time.

#9. Resent Other People’s Success - in my heart of hearts, no never. I am too bothered about my outcomes to think of others. If you are close friend or more importantly a deserving one - my joy knows no bounds. I do feel sorry for other's failures if they dont deserve it.

#10. Give Up After Failure - Never. might give up because I am lazy but failure.. bah. Optimist man, I am an hardcore optimist.

#11. Fear Alone Time - aiyoo never. Not sure what it has to do with being mentally strong, I am just more introspective. ( love spending time with myself:) - isnt narscism you know:))

#12. Feel the World Owes Them Anything - see #4.

#13. Expect Immediate Results - for diet related ones I do, for career related ones I dont. Diet related one is what should matter to me the most right now.

Now, what about you?

Person who wreaked havoc in another person's life and then calling that victim names -what sort of disillusioned world must the abuser live in?  isnt word called ethical responsibility in a person's life? and the victim of the abuse is called names? and the abuser lives happily.

It has to be temporary there cant be otherwise.

the abuser needs to be brought to their knees begging for apologies!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

At every point in her life, she was always 100% sure she was absolutely right infact the rightest possible, except each of those views was as contrasting as India and Pakistan or Israel and Palestine.

A fact that least bothered her.

Return ticket needed

I have been on a trip for past few days (or has it been a week already?  not sure).  On a trip to nostalgia. Reminiscing about people I havent thought about forever now.

Reading up emails - which is what started the trip in the first place- searching for something in gmail, I ended up in an email I couldnt connect to.  I read up a few threads and now I cant stop even after few days. This isnt just thinking about people from past - randomly googling up people whose names i am surprised i remember, also i have been horrible to a friend why he stayed friends with me is a big puzzle in the first place. i am literally there 10 years ago - the emotions - the silly ones are all back. Its the whole package, yo.  That is not a good thing. I havent felt this out of control in a long time.

I am going through life but thoughts are all from the past. It has slowly glided and reached all the way upto high school-undergrad days. I just logged into my hotmail today after eons - beyond words silly.

Anyway, need to snap out of it, right now. Hoping this post will shame me into it.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Srilankan tamils, LTTE and tamilians of Tamilnadu

Tamilians in Srilanka were wronged for a long time. The fight from what I see started when there wasnt even an attempt to treat them as equal citizens. I support their cause. I support them the same way I support loads of causes from Tibet to Palestine to Israel.

But as some one who grew up with news of terrorism dancing at every corner of the country( primarily the corners), I cant support LTTE nor can I support separatism. 

Supporting LTTE is even more of a farce. It has in its history, abducted, brainwashed child soldiers- - a crime of the gravest order. No cause in the world is worthy enough to ignore that. 

It also harmed other tamilian leaders fighting for the cause simply because they didnt put their allegiance with Prabhakaran.

Yet today loads of tamilians are asking for the release of people who plotted the most heinous terrorist act that happened in tamilnadu.  Some comments I read in the vernacular publication(my answers).
1. why avenge one man's death( not true ~25 people is what wiki says). 
    Besides, Terrorist attacks arent just about numbers, they are always an attack on the sovereignty of  nation
2. 21 years is  too long time while waiting on the deathbed. 
I dont find this argument too appealing but this is what supreme court used in commuting a death sentence. But it didnt nullify Life imprisonment until death sentence. 
3. Their argument - they are political prisoners. 
Politics or anything else isnt a reason to go and attack innocent people. Not to say the terrorizing effect it had on rest of the population( like a less than 10 yr old who later that day looked at the young world cutout of a charming looking leader with a lot of disbelief)
4. They didnt commit the actual crime
Loads of politicans/powerful people in India indulge in murder/other threatening tactics involving force/ physical harm. this argument is akin to saying only the contract killer has to be punished and politican should be let go off since he didnt actually commit the crime.

5.21 years is a too long a time. 
People who committed a heinous crime like that cant be left out  free among the general population. 

I am not speaking on behalf of Rahul Gandhi who never uttered a word about repeated parole of Sanjay dutt and so many other cases. Just as a citizen of india and a normal human being who is opposed to any act of terror. 

It is interesting to note the varied reactions tamil nadu over time. Jayalalitha swept off the elections after Rajiv Gandhi died since she had an alliance with congress then- the first time TN witnessed that sort of a sweep i think. One of the things people liked about her then was how she went with an vengenance against LTTE compared to the Karunanidhi's soft corner for them. 
Sivarasan and Dhanu were considered the heinous people.

Today, tides have turned to an extent where the same people are arguing for the release of terrorists who were involved in that crime!

Again, the tamilian cause in Srilanka needs to be fought for. But terrorism isnt the answer for that or anything else in life!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

I luvs ANNANAGAR. Missing it, but might need a time machine to go there.