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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Return ticket needed

I have been on a trip for past few days (or has it been a week already?  not sure).  On a trip to nostalgia. Reminiscing about people I havent thought about forever now.

Reading up emails - which is what started the trip in the first place- searching for something in gmail, I ended up in an email I couldnt connect to.  I read up a few threads and now I cant stop even after few days. This isnt just thinking about people from past - randomly googling up people whose names i am surprised i remember, also i have been horrible to a friend why he stayed friends with me is a big puzzle in the first place. i am literally there 10 years ago - the emotions - the silly ones are all back. Its the whole package, yo.  That is not a good thing. I havent felt this out of control in a long time.

I am going through life but thoughts are all from the past. It has slowly glided and reached all the way upto high school-undergrad days. I just logged into my hotmail today after eons - beyond words silly.

Anyway, need to snap out of it, right now. Hoping this post will shame me into it.


LG said...

Can totally relate. I went through the same emotions when I briefly got on FB. I hated it. I beat a hasty retreat and stay clear of FB now.

Sachita said...

I have been on afb for a long time now.
anyway glad i came out of it, wasnt a great place to be at all!