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Friday, July 13, 2012

She is still a kid!

At 16, she is still a kid. You do this a 16 year old?  - One of the most disturbing visuals I have seen.

I cant get over her trauma, How is the Kid going to? 

The DGP since he wasnt from Tamil Nadu didnt blame the girl's dress or the bar and gave reasonable answer. The journalist ( this is tabloid after all)  was ofcourse the usual TRP based one.

PS: 16 is not the age for bar. But this didnt happen inside the bar but on a busy street. 

PS1: Pepper spray, whistle, knife - that is the training we need to give girls.

PS2: Also training to point the knife to a specific point might even be better. 

PS3: Any money these men creatures have/will earn should go into setting up a training programs across the country. 

Seriously 20 against a kid?