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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Karma point system

To make the job of whoever is above easier, I am going to start giving out Karma points to people (in my head)

Bad to me, -5 points, good to me, +10 points....

So, all Chitraguptan(the man who keeps accounts) has to do is just add/subtract for people around me.

Vijay TV's sole ambition is

 to wake up the Feminist in me.

" I understand Equality.  But imagine all these years, for 1000 of years Men had the authority, it has gotten their genes even(!), you cant just ask them to share it. It will take some time for them to share. Slowly, till then Women need to be patient"...
- That joker in a bad suit, Gobinath!

No, I dont watch the show but this was shown repeatedly in Promos.

But the same argument would apply for caste-ism too, right? After all, Upper caste people have also had authority for so long ....It stumps me how the "highly emotional" dime a dozen Tamilians like Gobinath can understand the injustice in the caste argument but not the Women one.

Kalacharm, perhaps has an explanation.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

All the time on the phone anantharaman

It has barely been a month.

How often do you feel you know a person, that too in a month? No, we havent spoken a word yet. Not even a nod of acknowledgement.

Yet the said person's cable company, insurance - home and auto(now thats a good deal innit?), cell phone - same as mine(our calls could totally be free)... or the fact that his wife packed more rice than what he wanted that day.... I know it all.

And if I do manage to miss the never ending phone conversations, my colleagues update me. Apparently me being from the same city as him automatically gets me this honor. Its more like a crib session but let me recount one incident.

The said person apparently told his partner(yes, his wife works at the same place too), "Erudi, Bathroom poitu varen".

I  rofl and the exact moment the superboss has to cross the aisle. Life!

The said person's super powers include conducting a whole debug session in Tamil( who was he talking to? I can do this only if i knew mandarin) 
- athu open pannu add, panni entha signal add pannu da... 

Most likely, some time in the future, we will get to know each other for real. I will revisit this post and make it password protected. 

But today, especially now when I have just finished taking a training, where one of the question happened to be " X blogged about the colleagues with their names protected - is it a violation of privacy "  and the correct answer happened to be 'no'(!), I feel like I had to blog all about it.


PS: if you do happen to know the person thenyou need to remember to maintain his privacy :)