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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Vijay TV's sole ambition is

 to wake up the Feminist in me.

" I understand Equality.  But imagine all these years, for 1000 of years Men had the authority, it has gotten their genes even(!), you cant just ask them to share it. It will take some time for them to share. Slowly, till then Women need to be patient"...
- That joker in a bad suit, Gobinath!

No, I dont watch the show but this was shown repeatedly in Promos.

But the same argument would apply for caste-ism too, right? After all, Upper caste people have also had authority for so long ....It stumps me how the "highly emotional" dime a dozen Tamilians like Gobinath can understand the injustice in the caste argument but not the Women one.

Kalacharm, perhaps has an explanation.


Gradwolf said...

As the great senthil would say - no kalchar!

SK said...

I agree!!! My MIL and I will be left arguing when watching Neeya Naana. Now I dont watch it, my Mom thinks it is utter crap.
Instead now I am watching everyone drool over Surya. :--P And noting what a terrible anchor he is.

That said, if anything women should be IMpatient. To get what they want.

viswajith.k.n said...

sillyness i say

Sachita said...

GW: Kalchar is against kalacharam they say!
SK: Why watch it all SK? you might want to watch our for the BP.

V.k.n: Beyond sillyness, when stupidity crosses certain level it is quite harmful.