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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Indian stand up comedy

The one or two Indian stand up comedy videos I have come across on youtube were mostly about mocking a bit of cultural divide that exists. (  between upper middle class and lower middle class or ABCD ones were even worse). Even technique wasnt mastered in some cases with bad timing and stuff. It put me off. This one came on youtube recos with like a gazillion views and I ignored it for a week ( that is how bad the couple I watched long time ago were) but this  guy seems good.

Only watched 3 snippets. 2 of them were hilarious.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Game of thrones

I know I know I am late to the game. 

I watched the first episode quite a few months ago. And immediately judged humanity. I am consciously using the term humanity because it seemed as if the entire population (tv watching population) had watched this - atleast that is what it felt like. 

Just the amount of blood. I mean there isnt part of human anatomy which hasnt been injured in this series. 

But then started watching it again 3 months ago. After few episodes, I stopped again mostly due to the gore and partially because it consumes your attention completely. Tried watching something else but dammit you really cant watch anything else while this is on your mind. Nothing else is even remotely as interesting.

After few weekends of intense watching, I am now finally qualified for a certificate of completion. As an additional qualification, I can also predict the amount of blood that will splurt based on where some one is attacked. All in all a wonderful learning experience.

Despite the mocking memes- I saw a meme saying she is only on season 3 of Game of thrones while I was on the exact same season, I am glad I watched it now than earlier. I cant take ramsay bolton atrocities without the closure. Infact I wish they had prolonged the ending over few episodes.

I loved the episode 8 of this season. Infact a friend who has read the book says the TV series matches or is even better than the book. We all know what a rare complement that is. It is like a hollywood epic movie except this has gone on now for 6 seasons with 10 episodes each. 

Khaleesi was worth all that hype.  Love Jon Snow's character. Between them both I think I might choose Jon snow. There are hardly any characters left anyway.

Also Netlfix and other platforms, releasing a season a year is so passe. You need to start doing entire series on a single year.