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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Madras rains dialogue

Woman: " I hear the milk packets are going at 100."
Shopkeeper: " I am not able to get milk, when I do get it I will not price it anything extra. Do you see any vegetable being sold at extra price"
Woman: " All the prices have gone up they say. Milk is at  200".
Shopkeeper: " Look in this shop, do you see anything priced beyond normal".
Women: " You dont know, people are saying prices are going up and up."
 Customer at medical store: " You should give me 200 rupees, it is after all my money".
 Man at counter: " I will ask sir. But right now I dont have any provision to do so".
Customer: " Give me 200 rupees and then work with your management on provision"
Man at customer: " Sir, I will note down your request and ask sir".

Shop boy to some one else commenting on flood situation at various places: " he( Man at counter) literally swam in the waist deep water and came."

Customer at medical store looked at me for support, I didnt quite get the discussion. LAter I understood, since the customer was paying cash, he wanted to get the credit card commision.

Man at the Medical shop counter gave several customers medicines without money because no ATM was functioning. He didnt even note down their names.  He gave my dad the copy of hindu for the day.

Next day shop was closed and people said he fell sick.


"How many ever blankets they give, are we going to say no?", heard the young woman who was selling flowers say to some one.
"An NGO came to office distributing relief materials.  In my office no one was affected but we still took it. they gave bucket, blanket ...", A woman at the hospital
" Oh we were not affect either, in my area, they gave bucket, rice.."

" It is going to rain again, there is going to be an earth quake, it will rain till january, Madras will become an Island, It is all there in panchagam.", a maama at the sweet shop.
" Oh apdiya , if it is in panchagam, it must be true." Maami at the counter.

 National news channel which didnt not even have a line on madras rains the previous day," the authorities arent doing anything.  inept response.. "


Saturday, December 26, 2015

In India, on an unexpected emergency trip( for a parent). Things are looking better now, still some steps to go but an ordeal of a month that I really hope no one goes through. 

Some things to be thankful for.
Surgeons, specialist doctor who looked nothing less than magician or even divine in my eyes those few days. including the physiotherapist in the list.
General doctor who finally pointed us at the right direction. This was on my parent's second visit to her. This was their 9th/10th visit to a doctor over the same issue in the past 3 months.
Friend and her parent who reached out immediately the very day I let the friend know. They had known couple of cases and it did give us the confidence at that moment. Much later I realized the cases werent really exactly same as what we were dealing with.
My manager who let me take off in an hour's notice. I had all the vacation days( had only used sabbatical) but it was critical time work wise.
Driver who has really stood by and has offered prayers to god - hard to express in words what we felt at that moment. 
One day, As I sat on sofa at home, lost in thoughts in my two hour break from the hospital, I heard maid's voice, " Saptayama?". As some one who joined work exactly just this month, she has provided support whenever we needed without a word. 
Or the cousin who came by everyday with hot tiffin saying she will atleast provide company to my ailing parent. On most days, she had to leave the room because of too many visitors. Yet she came everyday.
My mom who only cried very few times inspite of never getting enough time to absorb or react to the news, always trying to put up a brave front for us and doing everything in her side to her own speedy recovery process. A champ, really.

Irony is doctors say there really is no cause for this - just a random event. Online world tells me it is rare and rarely occurs in adults.

As much as I should be relieved now, a part of me still believes she shouldnt have been subjected to this at all. Few more steps to go, prayers help.