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Friday, May 16, 2014

Another blog, another election post.

After spending couple of hours engrossed in movies, having almost forgotten about election results, I checked the news - the election results are already out. 

First of all, congress is out. A big hurray for that. That is the only outcome I was sure I wanted. And for congress and Nehru family  to vanish from Political scene which I know is little far fetched but that is definitely on my wish list. 

Secondly, arent the results amusing? Crunching numbers of the various regional party wins, a blackmailing Jayalalitha/Mamta brigade - in short the usual post election antics is what I imagined. 
Because I realize that is the only sort of central govt we have known. Do you realize? Most of us have grown up with only with coalition rule at the centre

Now, I am not jumping with joy at all. Do feel scared about quite a few things - 
  • the unnecessary shade of religion( this time another religion - my own) - considering BJIP's base, it seems even unavoidable.  I am a practising Hindu and all but a religion space is always within the confines of a person's private life not in public domain.
  • dictatorship - dont like it cant stand it
  • and on the issue that bothers me the most about my country- corruption. BJP hasnt proved to be any different in their last stint. Narendra modi hasnt been caught in a corruption scandal yet.  And They dont have coalition political dynamic to blame. But somehow I just dont believe, it will be any different. Let us see.
  • Btw,  I dont care about if modi has a gf just dont care about his personal life.  unless he has commited a crime, dont care Period.

PS: found it a little strange that even as of yesterday political parties and media behaved as if BJP had already formed the government( they didnt say it will form a govt. of its own, that seems to be the only surprising element from yesterday to today)