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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

About being strong

Came across this wonderful article yesterday night -  I would have appreciated a bit more if it was written 13 steps to face life or something like that but that is a minor glitch. 

The points did resonate well with me.

What I am(marked in italics) and what I am not from the list.
#1 Waste Time Feeling Sorry for Themselves - not as much. My close friend is like that and I get influenced easily so from time to time one can see shades due to that but my personality isnt  that. I am too much of an optimist to feel sorry for myself.

#2 Give Away Their Power - see the point above. I twirl in my bed for hours together in the night when I feel somebody would have misunderstood me. People's opinion matter a lot. Thankfully, I have couple of close friends with whom I discuss every inch of my life and who dont care for other people's opinion much and remind me to do the same. But to take this power other random people and their 2 bit opinion has me is the hardest # for me to overcome.

#3 Shy Away from Change - blah. change? bring it on. I am all for change. I crave for something new all the time. I cant relate to not wanting change, as a child I waited for a new school year for the new set of friends it will bring about. Sameness bores me.

#4. Waste Energy on Things They Can’t Control  - Credit goes to my parents. 

#5. Worry About Pleasing Others  - Bah see how point#2 relates backs to this one. I do often goof up and unintentionally let out words that might not please others, but the agony I suffer after realizing the goof up.. god. I am on this guilt trip at present, for past 3 days infact. I did come from a good place and had the right to feel the way I felt - just wasnt right in my approach, yet this has made every second miserable. On the other hand, in this same period, some one else in a related case happily trampled on every one's feeling and spoke as if others hurt them.

If there is a middle path,  and if I can take that, that would be really really great.

#6. Fear Taking Calculated Risks. - cant worry about risks, not in my dna. I do analyze the scenario and I am ok with results if they go the other way. Sometimes  my final decision isnt purely objective and more on the lines of what heart really desires- I dont like it but I have accepted that part of me too.

#7. Dwell on the Past - Past/Future whatever that is my address- present is where I rarely live. escapism is the word.

#8. Make the Same Mistakes Over and Over I cant but help being driven by passion sometimes but dont think I do this, I definitely try to learn from my mistakes and think of  how to avoid similar scenario all the time.

#9. Resent Other People’s Success - in my heart of hearts, no never. I am too bothered about my outcomes to think of others. If you are close friend or more importantly a deserving one - my joy knows no bounds. I do feel sorry for other's failures if they dont deserve it.

#10. Give Up After Failure - Never. might give up because I am lazy but failure.. bah. Optimist man, I am an hardcore optimist.

#11. Fear Alone Time - aiyoo never. Not sure what it has to do with being mentally strong, I am just more introspective. ( love spending time with myself:) - isnt narscism you know:))

#12. Feel the World Owes Them Anything - see #4.

#13. Expect Immediate Results - for diet related ones I do, for career related ones I dont. Diet related one is what should matter to me the most right now.

Now, what about you?

Person who wreaked havoc in another person's life and then calling that victim names -what sort of disillusioned world must the abuser live in?  isnt word called ethical responsibility in a person's life? and the victim of the abuse is called names? and the abuser lives happily.

It has to be temporary there cant be otherwise.

the abuser needs to be brought to their knees begging for apologies!