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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Came back after a very short India trip earlier this week.

1.  Got to spend the whole time with my parents - bestest vacation ever. I wish I could be like my dad when I become a parent, I know I wont be but it is awesome to have a Dad like this. 
2. After all these years, home is still where my parents are. This surprises me because I have lived in my current apartment for a long time. It is a running joke among my friends and family  about how  I havent changed my car/apartment/place of work for a long time now. Yet, Madras home feels like home. 
We arent even a sentimental bunch as a family. I remember no tears were shed when I boarded the flight at 20 to USA.
But I am happiest when I am with my parents, inspite of the fights(there were none this trip) I am at utmost  peace when I am with them.  It also helps that they arent controlling and are more let live type parents inspite of being quite traditional.
3. This time took the middle eastern route - Abudhabi. The airport itself was so meh. I realize that going back from USA most places end up underwhelming you( not including India). Singapore airport is awesome, the staff very courteous and efficient but the city isnt impressive at all  - just reminds me of India.
4. The slight glimpse of middle east makes me wonder if that place would have been an Africa if not for the oil bloom. The staff are so inefficient. 
5. People constantly assume that I am in early twenties to 25, asking me if I am studying. It could be because I am single( an anamoly for Indian girl at my age) or because I am short or slightly chubby. But it still does my ego good :)
 Once a friend's friend was planning to set me up with his roommate who was three years younger than me. This super annoyed my pretty friend because he had estimated her age to be three years older than what she was. Essentially he was saying I am six years younger than her :)
ok, will stop with bragging now.
6. Masala poli, AnnaLakshmi, Sree mithai, chikku milkshae, some party sapadu and most importantly Amma's cooking - bliss.
7. There are only handful of people who know how to navigate within Annanagar now. This after one project that was blocking the 3rd avenue was completed. But that place itself is only four streets so it still looks submerged in the metro rail construction. I want my Annanagar back!