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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Speaking about lyrics

Tamil song lyrics are usually about lovers writing off their blood, their heart, lungs, males demanding uterus  so they can carry their lover - very biology oriented but more importantly it is always about the intensity or passion.

Which is why "Malai neram" stood out. (Yeah, yeah I know the movie came out couple of years ago, but I noticed this song and its lyrics  only now. ) This comes in relationship zone, about feelings one isnt writing their lfe off to. There is slightly breezy attitude and it is beautiful. In some ways more realistic. And written by - hold your breath - Selvaraghavan - you cant blame me for never suspecting this out of him.

I loved these two lines in particular.
 "Oru kaalaiyil nee illai
Thedavum manam varavillai"

"En thedalkal nee illai... 
Un kanavugal naan illai "
My favorite in tamil usually is Diamond pearl.  Thamarai too.

Some one please tell me why Thamarai didnt write for nee thane en ponnvasantham. I mean isnt that one assured good thing about Gautham menon's movie? Instead we have an insipid lyrics writer. This guy, Na muthukumar once came on a TV show and asked G V Prakash if he would rather do music for a good movie for a fee of 1 rs or a bad movie with a fee of 1 crore. Clearly he is cut out only for 1st grade moral stories and only that.

Diamond pearl's son writes lyrics these days. It is disappointing - though he redeemed himself with Kadal - In Adiye - his imagination roars. 
"Meena Thooki Rekka Varanja
Vaanam Maelae Nee Veesi Erinja
Paraka Pazhakariyae "
I cant remember his previous outing to be good.

But I find the use of strong appropriate tamil words  - words with a beauty of their own - a very crucial component of lyrics  - something I learnt to appreciate only from Vairamuthu's lyrics missing.

May be Vairamuthu was just one off case and we wont find someone like him again?


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

To every man who is typing the gal shouldnt have stepped out at late hour of 9.30.

1. You are no different than the perpetrators of the crime, considering that was exactly the question by those satans too - what are you doing with a guy at this time? You guys must be soul brothers.

2. Sine you dont buy the logic that we lock up the animal and criminals, not the victims, Men can get raped too. So I suggest you dont step out of your house.

3. I really pity your mother, sister and daughter,  I cant imagine any girl in her right mind would have married you.

4. If any of you continue to read hawkeye and his cronies - I judge you.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

If you cant handle your little john, may be you should consider life without them

I just came back from a vacation and caught up with the news. After all these years, you think news will not have an impact on me but #Delhi you managed that. i have tears rolling down for the girl. She will survive, she will and lead a  life achieving every thing she wants out of life.

The perpetrators will face the iron rod many many more times. These sort of people should never have been born and they dont have a right to breathe. We dont have oxygen to spare.

The daughters of the nation will walk at all times of the day and night, wearing whatever they fancy will not take abuse lying down and give right back. 

Those of the human male species that cant take that - refer to the tile. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Twenty years of Muzic

The post has been lying in the drafts folder forever, I mean for .... five years! The post about a school girl in Navy blue pleated skirt and white shirt with remote in hand at 8.00 am one fine morning many years ago. As sathyaraj smeared santhanam(sandal) on his screen sister(for the nth time),  her mom whizzes by saying, "ethu oru song nalla eruku"(one song is good). The girl pressed the ff button. Then the man in an 'Odam' appears. 

She replayed the song atleast once more that day before she headed out to the school bus.

First things first, there is a girl in the universe who is currently writing about how she wasnt born when AR made his debut.I am not that girl. That brings questions. I havent really liked any music director as much after AR.  Will I become one of those of fans commenting on every video of the future rockstar music director( whoever that be) saying how awesome AR is, and how he and only he deserves Oscar.  Claim music is only music if it is from Rahman and the rest is all PR ?*


But from that day when I told my brothers about the music which sounded just like the ads with inbetween stories of the shop owner calling home right after the cassette hit his store( my brother had bugged him as much) to today when I literally lol  in my head realizing how behind the glass wall members of the fitness19 across the road seemed to be in perfect sync with the katiya karun blasting on my  iphone earplugs.... AR Rahman, I am so glad you came to the scene.

**PS:  yeah thats what I see in each Ar rahman's video - Illayaraja's name.  I like illayaraja too. I am just not that fan who comments about Illayaraja in Ar's video or viceversa.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Kindleness's awesomeness

One of THE awesome feature of Kindle apart from the fact that you no longer need to wait for a book either in library queue or in shipment when you have an utter butter urge to read  it,  is that you can highlight a word and it displays the dictionary result for that word. Yes synonyms included.

I am not huge on dictionaries, in fact thought it was weird when some one described having a dictionary in every room as a dream so that as they come across a word they can immediately refer for the meaning. Mostly one can make out the meaning of words... atleast my reading has rarely been interrupted for the want of word's meaning.*

But I find myself highlighting words as I browse articles online, except web browser isnt the kindle app!

 PS: before you jump, most of vocab is from GRE word list so it isnt much. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

She is still a kid!

At 16, she is still a kid. You do this a 16 year old?  - One of the most disturbing visuals I have seen.

I cant get over her trauma, How is the Kid going to? 

The DGP since he wasnt from Tamil Nadu didnt blame the girl's dress or the bar and gave reasonable answer. The journalist ( this is tabloid after all)  was ofcourse the usual TRP based one.

PS: 16 is not the age for bar. But this didnt happen inside the bar but on a busy street. 

PS1: Pepper spray, whistle, knife - that is the training we need to give girls.

PS2: Also training to point the knife to a specific point might even be better. 

PS3: Any money these men creatures have/will earn should go into setting up a training programs across the country. 

Seriously 20 against a kid?

Friday, June 29, 2012

The part of cell phone you wish became bigger

Cell phones get smaller, Laptop  become tablets but the one that is getting smaller along with the device is the screen!

I wish we had an expandable display, you know you take out a ipod nano sized phone but then the screen expands depending on whether you want it to be a phone or ipad or even bigger screen

PS : I should patent it!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

So they managed to kill the IITs too?

Everyone has an app idea hese days

And mine is, dogspotter. As you walk on the road, it will alert you of any dogs before a safe distance. The app would also provide alternative routes - cross the road, take a right, sometimes just turn back-  all the solutions a 'normal' person with a 'healthy' fear of dog employs :)

PS: How have you guys been? 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Karma point system

To make the job of whoever is above easier, I am going to start giving out Karma points to people (in my head)

Bad to me, -5 points, good to me, +10 points....

So, all Chitraguptan(the man who keeps accounts) has to do is just add/subtract for people around me.

Vijay TV's sole ambition is

 to wake up the Feminist in me.

" I understand Equality.  But imagine all these years, for 1000 of years Men had the authority, it has gotten their genes even(!), you cant just ask them to share it. It will take some time for them to share. Slowly, till then Women need to be patient"...
- That joker in a bad suit, Gobinath!

No, I dont watch the show but this was shown repeatedly in Promos.

But the same argument would apply for caste-ism too, right? After all, Upper caste people have also had authority for so long ....It stumps me how the "highly emotional" dime a dozen Tamilians like Gobinath can understand the injustice in the caste argument but not the Women one.

Kalacharm, perhaps has an explanation.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

All the time on the phone anantharaman

It has barely been a month.

How often do you feel you know a person, that too in a month? No, we havent spoken a word yet. Not even a nod of acknowledgement.

Yet the said person's cable company, insurance - home and auto(now thats a good deal innit?), cell phone - same as mine(our calls could totally be free)... or the fact that his wife packed more rice than what he wanted that day.... I know it all.

And if I do manage to miss the never ending phone conversations, my colleagues update me. Apparently me being from the same city as him automatically gets me this honor. Its more like a crib session but let me recount one incident.

The said person apparently told his partner(yes, his wife works at the same place too), "Erudi, Bathroom poitu varen".

I  rofl and the exact moment the superboss has to cross the aisle. Life!

The said person's super powers include conducting a whole debug session in Tamil( who was he talking to? I can do this only if i knew mandarin) 
- athu open pannu add, panni entha signal add pannu da... 

Most likely, some time in the future, we will get to know each other for real. I will revisit this post and make it password protected. 

But today, especially now when I have just finished taking a training, where one of the question happened to be " X blogged about the colleagues with their names protected - is it a violation of privacy "  and the correct answer happened to be 'no'(!), I feel like I had to blog all about it.


PS: if you do happen to know the person thenyou need to remember to maintain his privacy :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

So my cellphone has dual core processor, memory, networking capabilities and yet i can't download file of the internet even from my own inbox and would have to go to comp.

This is what humanity worships today?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Don Draper, anyone?

Would you understand if I say I am extremely disappointed that Don Draper hasnt cheated on Megan? 

Are you going what who Don Draper ??? Mad men, kids, Mad men. Dont worry, I didnt know it a month ago and God am I relieved I stumbled on this series just then.  The series took a year and half break before that. So thank god for small mercies that I didnt hit upon this series in between, I cant imagine waiting that long for the next episode!

Oh, its not a sitcom. Thats also an answer I have been giving to way too many friends.Not just me even my friends dont watch anything beyond sitcoms. 

I dont blame them. But dont be put off though this is the best drama there is and it isnt the usual twist at the end of each episode and turn at the beginning of each season. There is even quite a bit of philosophy going on except you might have to refer to the cliff's notes on each episode to get that. 

And the performances? the best performance across all the TV shows should go to John Ham. I  often mark an actor by how far their reel life mannerism is from their real life and here Don Draper couldnt be more different than John Hamm. 

The office politics of this advertising firm of the 60s is so similar to what I face in office today(except for the sexual discrimination). I could so identify with Peggy's rise, her addiction to work, the success that drives her to the addiction. I dont care for Roger but I know Petes in real life.

Nevertheless, I am disappointed that Don hasnt cheated on Megan, worse he will never cheat on her and the show is trying to blame the whole cheating game on his ex-wife.  

Monday, April 23, 2012

Singing in the car

Shouldnt be a problem right?

Then why are you staring at me, when I am singing as I am driving with all the windows closed. Isnt that the  very reason why we drive our cars?

Now if I do it with the windows rolled down, That would be worth the stare!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Is Shahrukh khan a Robert vadra that he should get special immunity in international airport?
Wait even Robert Vadra can only escape at the Indian airports, no?

Or is the fact that he has been playing Rahul/Raj for 20 years now  such an unique achievement that Indian government feels US government should apologize and it does. 

I seriously wish next time they retain him for 10 hours without food and more importantly a cigarette. 
Even better retain Robert Vadra.

PS: Indian government would be better off apologizing for.. wait a minute list is too long.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

"he Madras High Court has ordered Rs 1.2 lakh compensation each to the girl students of a government school who were sexually abused, allegedly by their headmaster." 

 Why why and a thousand why as to why this hasnt triggered a discussion on how to prevent this from happening next.
1. Educate kids as early as they can understand about what would be an abuse. 
2.  And also conducive environments for the children to raise up these sort of issues. 

Not to take anything away from the judgement but it is just peanuts to mamooth problem like this.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Hindu vs Timesofindia

Hindu would actually win the worst website among all the news websites I browse. Yet....yet...

A small query on alexa shows,


If with that Website, Hindu can win the battle, how bad is timesofindia's content?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Caution: Skip norway if you have kids below 18 years of age

When the whole slew of news channels fb spam was talking about the Norwegian authorities taking away a 3 yr old and 5 month old from their Indian parents, I suspected there was more to the story. 

Authorities taking away Kids from their parents isnt an easy decision like us returning stuff in Walmart, right? -  Unless there are serious issues like sexual abuse/Physical abuse, common sense would say a child's best interest is in being with its parents.

But, here are all the details about the case (#25-32 and #46 is an instance where norway tried smuggling a turkish boy out of Turkey!), you get better picture.The elder kid had behavioral issues which doesnt seem to have been properly diagonsed till date. None of the instances seem to require the action the Norway govt. agency resorted to.

Seriously, you all know better than to schedule a connecting flight through even a Norway airport if you have kids.

PS1:  to me small babies being put in cribs of their own had always seemed cruel. Eastern countries should be taking away all the western babies from their Parents on this account alone.

Friday, February 24, 2012

kadhalil sodhapuvadu yeppadi

" Don't blame me if the movie turns bad", said the friend as she got into the car. Ironical, because that was exactly the words I wanted to say to her. I decided to go because heart was heavy and it has been quite a while since I hit theaters and this had good reviews. Friend had equally unimportant reasons.

I felt the movie wasn't bad, but my friend rated 5/10 saying there is no story. So that was the end to the short story.

Now about the movie... The director is 24. This is important very important, because the story covers pretty much every type one would meet in college - the ever fighting couple(fights would usually about not being loved:)), the two timing jerk, Propose to every gal he can find guy - I could recall every one of these people. 

The style is very different with  loads of talking to the camera by Siddarth, it is fun. Movie was funny too - Theater crowd laughed a lot.

But, anything wee bit beyond a college romance doesnt get handled very well in Indian Cinemas, no? So Suresh and his wife's track didnt register at all - I just took it as  something to end the movie. I was lot more disturbed when Pooja decided to go back to her boyfriend ( oh please dont expect me to put spoiler alert for these type of movies).
There is also the whole Men are from Mars  Women are from Venus type dialogues. These annoy me  because they somehow sounds as if  all women are just one woman and all Men are just one single Man. I mean if only life were that simple, unfortunately 0.001% DNA variation  stands in the way. 

Here, though the compare contrasting were with  points I agree on. Besides, considering the way women are usually treated in current day Tamil Cinema, this movie is such a relief. A girl can actually break up with a guy and guy reasons himself to it - doesnt sing "adida avalai, vetra avalai .. (beat her, axe her.. ) - Seriously doesnt that alone make the movie oscar worthy?

PS: As an aside, having lived beyond those college years - watching a movie with all this talk about love, made me really wonder, should people invest in a college relationship with all seriousness of a marriage during college? - life in college should be fun and all this relationship sentimentality seems a bit much, no?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I am not an animal lover

in any remote sense even but this picture made me almost cry.

Clearly, economically it might not be easy to provide them space and commercially it might not make sense.

But this is not a way any living being should be treated!