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Friday, February 24, 2012

kadhalil sodhapuvadu yeppadi

" Don't blame me if the movie turns bad", said the friend as she got into the car. Ironical, because that was exactly the words I wanted to say to her. I decided to go because heart was heavy and it has been quite a while since I hit theaters and this had good reviews. Friend had equally unimportant reasons.

I felt the movie wasn't bad, but my friend rated 5/10 saying there is no story. So that was the end to the short story.

Now about the movie... The director is 24. This is important very important, because the story covers pretty much every type one would meet in college - the ever fighting couple(fights would usually about not being loved:)), the two timing jerk, Propose to every gal he can find guy - I could recall every one of these people. 

The style is very different with  loads of talking to the camera by Siddarth, it is fun. Movie was funny too - Theater crowd laughed a lot.

But, anything wee bit beyond a college romance doesnt get handled very well in Indian Cinemas, no? So Suresh and his wife's track didnt register at all - I just took it as  something to end the movie. I was lot more disturbed when Pooja decided to go back to her boyfriend ( oh please dont expect me to put spoiler alert for these type of movies).
There is also the whole Men are from Mars  Women are from Venus type dialogues. These annoy me  because they somehow sounds as if  all women are just one woman and all Men are just one single Man. I mean if only life were that simple, unfortunately 0.001% DNA variation  stands in the way. 

Here, though the compare contrasting were with  points I agree on. Besides, considering the way women are usually treated in current day Tamil Cinema, this movie is such a relief. A girl can actually break up with a guy and guy reasons himself to it - doesnt sing "adida avalai, vetra avalai .. (beat her, axe her.. ) - Seriously doesnt that alone make the movie oscar worthy?

PS: As an aside, having lived beyond those college years - watching a movie with all this talk about love, made me really wonder, should people invest in a college relationship with all seriousness of a marriage during college? - life in college should be fun and all this relationship sentimentality seems a bit much, no?


Gradwolf said...

that PS: Correctu!

Watching the film this Sunday only.

viswajith.k.n said...

It was a one time watch movie. nothing beyond it. My question is cant fun be mingled with relationships?

Sachita said...

Adithya: I watched the movie before you did.

Viswajith.k.n: have u seen a relationship arnd u in college times?