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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Mannar & Co.

With tons of pressure at work, as I was backing up my car one fine morning it suddenly stuck me. This Mannar & Co. business. 

For those who dont know, Mannar & Co is a comedy track in an old tamil movie. I have never actually seen the video but we had the audio cassette of the comedy track at home. It would have Thangavelu happily going to work everyday with lunch packed lovingly by his wife. Wife, a new bride would happily believe all the stories he would share only to discover One fine day that he wasnt going to work but just to park everyday. 

Fully dressed, lunch packed, he would be going to park everyday just as some one would go to work. 

We dont even have a comparable situation. For starters I dont have anybody packing me lunch. It wouldn't really matter to anyone else as I am the only one who really needs my paycheck. 

Nevertheless, this mannar & Co idea excited me enough that I went around telling couple of my friends. They got excited by the idea. one even suggested that I register the domain. A start up idea perhaps? May be I will pool in people like this and organize park lunches.... So on.

Alas, the joy was short-lived brought to an end by a quick google search. 

Mannar & co not only has a website but actually has a glass door input. A review at glass door! Vettiness of my fellow tamil netizens has ensured that there is nothing left for anyone else to do. I mean vetti stuff that is. 

And my mannar & Co bit the dust even before it could be started :(

PS: Here is a much more inspiring real life mannar & Co story that would warm the cockles of any book lover's heart.

Friday, May 27, 2016

I think I will get negative posts out today.

When my mom was at the ICU, she mentioned about this kid who passed out just before his operation. So they had to wait again for him to regain consciousness.  I had seen that kid - porcelain skin with big eyes. There was one more kid - an even younger one but his operation was done and he was super cheerful and active. 

But this kid had such a forelorn look in his eyes, so sapped of any energy that some how it disturbs to this day.

When my mom mentioned about his operation incident, she herself was still in ICU, so it didnt really register. But often his image comes by after that and I decided I will say out a small prayer. 

I know there are tons of kids that suffer in this world. but somehow this disturbs me.

Yesterday I ended up crying a bit about him. Neighbour friend suggested finding out what happened. 

I dont have guts to do it.  However silly it sounds, if you can say a small prayer for that kid in your head please do say.