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Friday, August 21, 2015

A 21st century woman's quest

Of all the problems in the world, the one problem you wouldnt expect a woman to face in 21st century is to find a handbag she really really likes, isnt it?  

Yet that is precisly the problem that plagues the author of this blog. She has it all pictured out in her head but isnt able to find it anywhere outside of that.  She isnt even one of those who change their handbag according to their clothing. Just one handbag would do* . Between how do people do that, when they change their handbags how do they take the 'kuppai'(crap) that they have accumulated from a Tote to clutch. Also can clutches fit in anything in them? Can one even open them or they just an ornament?

As you can clearly see, such complicated objects like totes/hobos/clutches( words the author is now familiar with because she was shopping for something called handbag) isnt what she is looking for. 

All she is looking for and looking for a long time now is an elegantly designed, dirt-repellant** hand bag with couple of pockets for easy access***, couple of partitions inside  and most importantly a zip(which she forgets to close and has seen the consequence several times). Simple you think? she thinks too. But here she is on the hunt for the fourth year.  AndStill looking.

On some confession moments with friends, she has realized she isnt even a lone sufferer. 

Water water everywhere only.

*( fine two I am being greedy here)
**( very important very very important)
***( seriously that one time when the cellphone rings inspite of at &t and you are also around you cant be missing a call because the handbag had no pockets - that would be a crime)
First of all a handbag needs an easily reachable pocket

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

In the past 10 years, every single time I have stood in the checkout line of the grocery stores, I have seen Brad, angelina and Jennifer Anniston's faces. About how one of them is going to leave the other,  caught cheating with each other latest one on how one of them is dying due to weight loss.. 

None of them ever happens though. 

PS: I spotted some student buying a box of top ramen noodles. Total throwback to my own grad school days, we used to throw away the flavor packets and make it with sambhar powder.