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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

In the past 10 years, every single time I have stood in the checkout line of the grocery stores, I have seen Brad, angelina and Jennifer Anniston's faces. About how one of them is going to leave the other,  caught cheating with each other latest one on how one of them is dying due to weight loss.. 

None of them ever happens though. 

PS: I spotted some student buying a box of top ramen noodles. Total throwback to my own grad school days, we used to throw away the flavor packets and make it with sambhar powder. 



Gradwolf said...

hahaha I remember making even pasta with sambar powder and random indian veggies.

Sachita said...

Pasta is gourmet compared to noodles, no?:) There are so many things that are specific to grad school days though