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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

So my cellphone has dual core processor, memory, networking capabilities and yet i can't download file of the internet even from my own inbox and would have to go to comp.

This is what humanity worships today?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Don Draper, anyone?

Would you understand if I say I am extremely disappointed that Don Draper hasnt cheated on Megan? 

Are you going what who Don Draper ??? Mad men, kids, Mad men. Dont worry, I didnt know it a month ago and God am I relieved I stumbled on this series just then.  The series took a year and half break before that. So thank god for small mercies that I didnt hit upon this series in between, I cant imagine waiting that long for the next episode!

Oh, its not a sitcom. Thats also an answer I have been giving to way too many friends.Not just me even my friends dont watch anything beyond sitcoms. 

I dont blame them. But dont be put off though this is the best drama there is and it isnt the usual twist at the end of each episode and turn at the beginning of each season. There is even quite a bit of philosophy going on except you might have to refer to the cliff's notes on each episode to get that. 

And the performances? the best performance across all the TV shows should go to John Ham. I  often mark an actor by how far their reel life mannerism is from their real life and here Don Draper couldnt be more different than John Hamm. 

The office politics of this advertising firm of the 60s is so similar to what I face in office today(except for the sexual discrimination). I could so identify with Peggy's rise, her addiction to work, the success that drives her to the addiction. I dont care for Roger but I know Petes in real life.

Nevertheless, I am disappointed that Don hasnt cheated on Megan, worse he will never cheat on her and the show is trying to blame the whole cheating game on his ex-wife.  

Monday, April 23, 2012

Singing in the car

Shouldnt be a problem right?

Then why are you staring at me, when I am singing as I am driving with all the windows closed. Isnt that the  very reason why we drive our cars?

Now if I do it with the windows rolled down, That would be worth the stare!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Is Shahrukh khan a Robert vadra that he should get special immunity in international airport?
Wait even Robert Vadra can only escape at the Indian airports, no?

Or is the fact that he has been playing Rahul/Raj for 20 years now  such an unique achievement that Indian government feels US government should apologize and it does. 

I seriously wish next time they retain him for 10 hours without food and more importantly a cigarette. 
Even better retain Robert Vadra.

PS: Indian government would be better off apologizing for.. wait a minute list is too long.