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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Caution: Skip norway if you have kids below 18 years of age

When the whole slew of news channels fb spam was talking about the Norwegian authorities taking away a 3 yr old and 5 month old from their Indian parents, I suspected there was more to the story. 

Authorities taking away Kids from their parents isnt an easy decision like us returning stuff in Walmart, right? -  Unless there are serious issues like sexual abuse/Physical abuse, common sense would say a child's best interest is in being with its parents.

But, here are all the details about the case (#25-32 and #46 is an instance where norway tried smuggling a turkish boy out of Turkey!), you get better picture.The elder kid had behavioral issues which doesnt seem to have been properly diagonsed till date. None of the instances seem to require the action the Norway govt. agency resorted to.

Seriously, you all know better than to schedule a connecting flight through even a Norway airport if you have kids.

PS1:  to me small babies being put in cribs of their own had always seemed cruel. Eastern countries should be taking away all the western babies from their Parents on this account alone.


SK said...

Sachita, Reg PS1, putting babies is in crib is better for both the baby and parents. Both can sleep peacefully. Parents need their sleep you know, as much as babies do, lack of sleep can lead to other carelessness that may cost more! :--(
The other reason is super soft adult beds with fluffy pillows are not safe for infants.

Sachita said...

A colleague of mine tried the bed option with her now 13 yrold and bed option with ehr 10 yr old, the elder one knocked on her bedroom door for a long time and second one never does - she thinks the second one feels more secured because she let her sleep with her in the bed ... ..
I honestly dont know what choice I would make if I had to..
every culture practice has its own merits and demerits and a parent should be free to choose - state shouldt interfere in these sort of cultural elements.