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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

All the time on the phone anantharaman

It has barely been a month.

How often do you feel you know a person, that too in a month? No, we havent spoken a word yet. Not even a nod of acknowledgement.

Yet the said person's cable company, insurance - home and auto(now thats a good deal innit?), cell phone - same as mine(our calls could totally be free)... or the fact that his wife packed more rice than what he wanted that day.... I know it all.

And if I do manage to miss the never ending phone conversations, my colleagues update me. Apparently me being from the same city as him automatically gets me this honor. Its more like a crib session but let me recount one incident.

The said person apparently told his partner(yes, his wife works at the same place too), "Erudi, Bathroom poitu varen".

I  rofl and the exact moment the superboss has to cross the aisle. Life!

The said person's super powers include conducting a whole debug session in Tamil( who was he talking to? I can do this only if i knew mandarin) 
- athu open pannu add, panni entha signal add pannu da... 

Most likely, some time in the future, we will get to know each other for real. I will revisit this post and make it password protected. 

But today, especially now when I have just finished taking a training, where one of the question happened to be " X blogged about the colleagues with their names protected - is it a violation of privacy "  and the correct answer happened to be 'no'(!), I feel like I had to blog all about it.


PS: if you do happen to know the person thenyou need to remember to maintain his privacy :)


LG said...

So, how do you know this person? Is there a cross talk on his phone? Or is he your office mate? Or facebook updates?
But you can't answer my question, can you? Darn ! Now I am dying of curiosity.

Sachita said...

to your Second q: technology has improved so much no?
Fourth q: I wont admit to my fb stalking on the blog, also details i mention wont be discussed there, no?


PS: just when i made a resolution to finish four books in the next 30 days - I read on your blog about your resolution. I cant comment though - wordpress asks me for horroscope to comment these days :)

SK said...

OMG!!I am assuming it is cube overhearing ;--)

You are totally hilarious, and he is too :--P

SK said...

"erudi, bathroom....."
hilarious LOL! :--D

I love it when we debug in Tamil. I had some guys from India I used to work with, they did that, somehow felt closer to home, and somehow all this engring mumbo jumbo didnt seem so foreign afterall. Bottomline I love it. And yea I cannot do it too :--( Why dont we have more tamil folks at work?
All of us can be entertained. ;--)

Sachita said...

SK: :)

I hate when people communicate professional stuff in their local languages, it is rude no?

But here it was hilarious.

And the sad part is i missed hearing the bathroom comment!

SK said...

I think it is kinda cute ;--) Debugging with colleagues whom you know well, why not? Why only english ya?

viswajith.k.n said...

ennavo...kadaisila andha code work aacho illa vera edhuku indha manushan code potaaro..