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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

To every man who is typing the gal shouldnt have stepped out at late hour of 9.30.

1. You are no different than the perpetrators of the crime, considering that was exactly the question by those satans too - what are you doing with a guy at this time? You guys must be soul brothers.

2. Sine you dont buy the logic that we lock up the animal and criminals, not the victims, Men can get raped too. So I suggest you dont step out of your house.

3. I really pity your mother, sister and daughter,  I cant imagine any girl in her right mind would have married you.

4. If any of you continue to read hawkeye and his cronies - I judge you.


Hawk Eye said...

but you are my crony. do you judge yourself?

viswajith.k.n said...

semma blood boiling argument la involved pola

Sachita said...

Your arg. is illogical, i think you would have got it by now.

Judgement passed, arg. la over.

SK said...

I agree. It was not just rape it was a hate crime. Against all women who dare to venture out late in the night.

Sachita said...

SK: Who dare to step out or even breathe as a woman.

Hawk Eye said...


I think you cant comprehend basic English. you should've got it by now. anyone who interprets my post the way you did does not have the minimum level of intelligence, as you clearly don't, to get an internet connection.

women should be able to go out at anytime after 9;30PM or not. but stupid people like you shouldn't be allowed outside even at 9;30AM. the dumbness can be contagious.

Sachita said...


1. 'You' calling me names means nothing to me. Remember, I have read your posts in the past.( werent you the one who complained that you cant comprehend B rangan's posts because he uses english words?).

It does look like you need the following explanations.
a) Reading your blog doesnt make one a crony, just a reader,in my case, a reader who returns far less freq. than few years ago.

b)Cronies are the ones who are endorsing every post of yours. I thought you will understand this, coz most people would have.

c) I will also have to spell this out to you, your tone doesnt deserve any response from me. I am doing it below coz honestly the cause is more important to me.

2. I was agitated over your entire post.

Your Last paragraph was irrelevant in the context of this rape incident. She was out at 9.30 - how is that late? USA has males( half the population, right?), I have walked at all hours over here, loads of woman do too. So what is being asked is not utopia. Rape exists here too but much less than in India and they didnt get to this low numbers by the parents asking their daughters to stay put.

""If parents feel that they should stop their daughters from staying out at night. They bloody well have the right to do so. They are removing #1 reason for rape"

Nothing removes any reason for rape. Women get raped in their houses, in offices, in police stations, in buses/cars/roads. Pretty much in all the sqfts. Lot more in sqfts of delhi than in mumbai. Does this have to be SPELLED out to you?

In my gradschool town, there was a sudden increase in rape statistics, (eight in a year), they didnt ask us to sit at home - they gave us pepper spray, whistles, night cabs.

As a Woman, this is what I want and I know i deserve to get it.
And it is possible.

So your last para where you deride feminist for asking this disgusted me. Period. I dont even call myself feminist and I am asking this.

3. about the outrage you complained about? Just imagine a rusted rod like that through the rear body orifice, chugging some of the body part out. People will feel the pain. Even more so, after 600 and odd cases on inaction. It never should happen to anybody. Then you will understand where the outrage is coming from.

You can go back to the agrahartha thinnai and talk about random stuff when you can never get rid of your basic bias and with sothapal logic.

PS: something tells me, i wasted my vacation time typing out this!

Hawk Eye said...

your initial tone begets the tone of my response.

my post has nothing to do with your rant. you just want someone to blame. and you are conveniently using my post as a target. Either because you cant comprehend basic English or because you ust want to vent and will vent at a dining table if need be.

your interpretation is completely wrong. you are exactly doing this things that I mentioned in the post

/*What some devious people do is play out the "removing #1" to its extreme case (i.e. they ask "are you suggesting women never leave the house and wear burkhas like in Saudi Arabia"). This argument tactic is deliberate, evil and detrimental. What is safe and unsafe is a subjective decision. */

it is for people like you that I wrote the post. senseless idiots who have irrational reaction and mislead other people.

Sachita said...

Moron of nth order,

1.First of all this whole post(neither the previous one nor the one after this just clarifying) wasnt "just about your post". It was a vent against various( quite a few) posts/articles/comments including your post. From Vikatan comment space to different politican statements to slew of others post and your post.

But your post also disgusted me in the same vein.

And I will tell you atleast few of the points that disgusted me about your post. It is a futile exercise though because based on your past, you have never even once understood an opposing argument,

a) "Feminists and certain groups argue that it is the duty of the government to guarantee safety of women under all circumstances. It maybe the theoretically right thing for the civilized society to have. But it is utopia and it will never ever happen.
For nth time, It exists in US and other western countries. Do you know women travel @2.00am in mumbai local trains?. None of these places are utopia. So the demand isnt utopian and it can happen.

"safety of women under all circumstances"
This happened right under police checkposts, woman isnt safe in police station nor in check posts. Where is the question of safety of women under all circumstances. If it isnt related to this rape or the rapes in Delhi, what the hell are you writing in this context?
This isnt a normal highway robbery case of victims walking away without any physical harm, so do your due diligence before writing.

b) "If parents feel that they should stop their daughters from staying out at night. They bloody well have the right to do so. They are removing #1 reason.. "

Again, It doesnt remove#1 as various cases in delhi points out. This to you is negotiable to me it isnt. For you, this is a small compromise due to thin police resources, red colors buses.. sky is blue and more inane argument.
IT isnt for me or any woman. And more important, this leads to all sorts of other issues to woman - her staying alone in a city without parents, her working for a job eventually financially indepence. Which your pea sized brain cannot fathom.

Instead your Moronic brain gets after feminist because they are asking the situation to improve? And you have tenacity to argue that you didnt say anything wrong here? The feminist are saying the daugther should be able to walk freely at whatever time which to you is impractical, it isnt. Calling it impractical asking soceity to stop their women is a crime. (all the shielded parents should be anle to stop... safety under all circumstances.. utter nonsense).

d) The problem here is lack of police action. 600 and odd cases and still rape isnt treated seriously in Delhi.

e) and you know what, if I had only been in India and in my teens and didnt know better, I might have considered your argument but not now, I know it isnt hard to make things better.

f) My writing skills might be lacking but my reading skills are just fine, And irrationality is your forte, not mine."

Hawk Eye said...

/* For nth time, It exists in US and other western countries. */

/* so do your due diligence before writing. */

go to the chart in the link below, find out how much worse rape is in your so called 'western countries' like sweeden (largest instances in the world) and USA . then go home, stick a 'maramandai' tag on your head and look at the mirror every day.


also - I never said the overall solution of rape in india is to keep women home. I said feminists didn't have the right to question parents who chose to do that. because the parents had the right to do whats in their common sense to protect their children. I said you had no right to use other people's children as bait.

I never said government should solve this rape problem by keeping women inside houses.

which you completely did not get. which is why you are a maramandai and you are the kind of feminist I target.

and btw - you came and lickass'ed every other post of mine. if there is a crony for my blog - you are the biggest crony. remember that.

Sachita said...

Agrahartha maama,
#1 Women would definitely feel atleast a 100 times safer even in Sweden than in India. It is a fact.

I wont do any of the things you say in your comment after this, I will just walk at 11.30pm to my neighbourhood grocery store, and then to a coffee shop and come back home after that. That is what i can do here. 50% of the people O spot along this path would be women.

Thank god your argument that this is an utopian demand is utter rubbish.

#2 People are asking the govt to improve situation so that parents dont have to tell their daughters to stay put just like they dont tell their sons.

This is what the feminist are asking. You seem to want the same too!
What the hell are you upset with the feminist about? ( there are other issues i am upset with them too but this is not that).

From your post, you said this demand is utopian
- i rubbished this multiple times.

thin police ... people should also chip in and take care of their safety..
a) w.r.t this case, this wasnt relevant.
b) w.r.t the various cases of rape in delhi, this isnt relevant.
- what the hell are you advising about.

3)What irritates me the most about your post, those feminist and those lip servicing men(if as you say, they are just doing lip service, I am glad we have a situation where they have to do that)atleast have done something through their protests especially in a country where nothing ever is taken seriously.

Your arivijiviness has decided to deride them by saying thin police, vengayam mannangati( this isnt one stray incident for you to talk about thin police - that isnt sort of compromised life, one can talk it has been a burning issue in delhi for quite a while now.)

This is where you truly are perfect agrahartha maama - yu cant move an cm if some one else moves an inch, you will argue against that on basis of metric system - yes you are that dumb.

4. "Commented on EVery post????? "
WTH? Are you confusing with some one else? Seriously.

Long long ago, when you used to write about things within your comprehension about your grad school life or making fun of things at your home - 2005-2007- timeframe? I used to like your posts.

THAT WAS THEN! (athuve eppo nee solli thaan i had to remember if i recall now, all i can recall are your absurd posts).

I cant even remember commenting that often after that or that matter even then. not def. on every post!(nenupu thaan. ur popular in some circles but athukuga ulagame va un fan club !? ).

I labeled you as that agraharatha maama more than couple of years ago.

THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE NOW and have been for sometime now.

It is sad.

Hawk Eye said...

LOL. the best thing I got out of this was to irritate the heck out of you. I had fun as you boiled over in angst. stupid people should be put through this. maybe that's your catharsis.

your parents should've locked you up after 6PM itself. just for the safety of your neighborhood.

Sachita said...

Aiyoo paavam. Because you couldnt counter argue ?

You have checked this space way more than I ever do. So worried tht some random person felt disgusted about your post. You are pretty prompt and it is a good quality to have.

And You have a daughter. she will laugh at you way more walking with all the freedom that my generation would get for her. Life my friend knows how to have fun.

I am heading out to my grocery store now. then cafe.