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Thursday, July 31, 2014

About what Indra nooyi said

So Indra nooyi said, you cant have it all. All the men with super successful careers hopefully nodded their head.

I wonder why the discussion isn't about how to have your cake and eat it too aka how to be a successful ceo and have a good work-life balance too. Instead all I have been reading about is, women cant have it all. 

Men dont either, is all I am saying.


Maha said...

I think she alludes to it in the interview - having her assistant manage her kid, having her mom to help out etc.

Interesting conclusion that men do not have it all.

Sachita said...

Maha, all I wanted to say was her compromise is what most people end up making for success in career path.

Yet the debate is always about women cant have it all.. men cant either..

i am just et up about these whole women rant, primarily because as long as there is rant we arent going to get out of the rut.

Maha said...

I agree. I am tired of discussion on this topics too. You can't have all of everything. But you can pick and choose what you want depending on your circumstance and values. Some call it compromise, I like to think of it as balance.