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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I like, not just like, but love the fact

1.that Kasab had his own lawyer, got a proper trial in this country and was executed recently. ( though i do believe the rumor that he died out of dengue fever! ).

2. the accused of this rape case that is rocking the country are going to get the same fair trial.

3. that the punishments in our country are not stoning or amputation but life sentence and in the rarest of the rare case is death sentence.

Personally, I would have loved these people get all kinds of body harm and suffer to my hearts content.

But that is not what I would want the law to do or the people of this country to do.

I recommended chemical castration and still do because That doesnt sound barbaric to me.  It has been effective in several states when it was tried in US. It is a solution to a problem, albeit not an easy one to implement in India.

But I am fine with laws for the most part which were written/will be written with punishment, prevention of crime, safety of society  and fairness in mind.

This is how civilized societies roll.
I understand why the juvenilles are treated differently. Till a certain age, children are society's responsibility. But the juvenille due to whom the girl died as per Wiki(wiki not Britannica's encyclopedia ) was cannibalistic.  I cant imagine living in a world where he will roam around free after 3 yrs. 


viswajith.k.n said...

enna porupulla sensible observations...