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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Irrelevant to the current turmoil, actually even before the viswaroopam started, I have been reading up on Middle east and where they stand in terms of religious tolerance.

What surprises me there is, that the freedom that was enjoyed by Women in this country as late as 80s is deteriorated now.

I think first time I heard this was in Afghan, more than a decade ago, I have read how Women used to go out and work up until early90s and now, we all know the situation there.

This surprises me because you are used to the notion of Progressive ideas as years roll by - especially true in 20th century. Yet in some of these Islam countries even though things must have definitely improved , it deteriorated in 80s. Puzzling, right?

What I suspect is,usually there is always the intellectual group, a small group in every country. In the initial years of forming of countries, they seem to have an upper hand in the direction of the country. But eventually, the majority opinion - which could be easily leered off by fundamentalists, sets in and they take it back to stone age era.

It still puzzles me.

How is it relevant? To me the idea of these countries being this backward is disturbing, even more disturbing because they believe this is the way, the right way and want to evangelize others too.

WILL IT HAPPEN TO US TOO? ( that is the scary part).


Religion should have no Role in public life. There cant be any debate, whether it is hinduism/Islam/Christainity - there should be no space for it in a modern day country. I judge America for the fact that they invoke God in all their Political speeches. God bless America, it seems.

If at all I get fanatic about something, it is this idea - Countries constitution without any reference to religion whatsoever, except for the freedom in a personal space.


viswajith.k.n said...

I dont think the movie has any ill references - at least based on my understanding of the movie.

shoba said...

I liked the movie a lot. I guess I was more happy to see Kamal in person at the theater. Btw, looks like your friend has written a review about the movie using his infinite wisdom.

Sachita said...

But this post wasnt about the movie honestly, only about how regressive some societies have gotten from 1980s :)

I havent watched the movie, but Kamal wouldnt dare to go against Muslim.
But Taliban is just taliban, I dont understand why any1 wud want 2 associate with them anyway. I also dont understand why they

oh, you saw Kamal!
My friend/foe, if we are referring to the same person, even before the whole episode, the blog has lost all its sheen for me for quite sometime. So anga pola :)

But I hear people saying the movie was way too violent.

shoba said...

Yes, Kamal visited a couple of theaters here, in Fremont. There was a big galatta outside the theater and people mobbed him, while a bunch of enthus like me were waiting inside the theater. :) Well, the organizers could calm him finally and he gave a short speech. Having been his diehard fan from childhood,it was a cherishable moment.

viswajith.k.n said...

so how about kadal first day first show...:P btw the new layout looks good.