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Friday, October 18, 2013

No Good Deed goes Unpunished

I didnt know that as I stopped car for the red light at the intersection of Benton and Pomeroy. I didnt know as I felt a strong jerk and got out of the car to inspect the damages to the bumper. Seeing no damage except an impression of  a small circle and the 16 yr old driver with fear written all over his face apologizing profusely blaming the brakes, I, still clutching my back with pain, told him I will not pursue it with insurance unless my backache continues. After exchanging the required info, I got into the car. 

The pain was gone the next day.

Good deed, right?

Except the pain boomeranged big time after good 4 days. I confused it with everything from PMS( this was much more severe than that), gas(??? again much more severe), my weight gain( but 2 lbs can do this?), even the chair @ work to any one who stopped by my cube. Finally after 3 days, I visited the doctor who tells me some thing went wrong with muscles when my body was recovering from the accident. 

With or without the medicines, it will take 3 or 4 weeks to recover. 

And then I read the title line.

PS: Dear God,  I cant have this repeating on me. My car could have a bumper, side door, heck you even damaged the parked rental car I got last time when my car was recovering. I only have one back, and there is no renting another one in place of me.. atleast to me.

PS1: but again why i am being rear ended when the traffic light is red and my car was stopped for good minute or two. It is not as if the light just turned red.. i mean that wouldnt be ok, but atleast would be understandable. How could you not hold on to your brakes?


Gradwolf said...

oh oh..get well soon :)

Sachita said...

thx. there is a good progress though, so thats nice.

LG said...

Hope you are better now.

Sachita said...

Full recovery is still couple of months but feel a lot better now!