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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

 Lot of books continue from last time. I did learn a couple of things in the process.

One, You cant read a book and multi-task something else unlike watching TV:). All along I thought I was spending way too much time on TV, but it just seem to have provided a background noise.

Two, tastes change. I dont think I am that drawn to fiction anymore, the only ones I seem to be reading are auto-biographies. 

I  made some progress - did read about 4-5 books. ( tender bar, From third world to first, couple of Sophie kensella's books and  Einstein's biography and Lowland - partially).  
I liked tender bar,  though felt the writer skipped over the portions that readers look forward to in auto-biographies - the path to success. He had plenty of positives in his life from getting admitted to top university to making it editor of a high profile newspaper instead the book exclusively concentrates on the tougher portions and barely mentions the good stuff. Nevertheless, he is an amazing writer. It is actually tender. He is one of those writers who can recall exactly how they felt during their childhood and make you feel the same. I might just pick up his biography on Agassi just for his writing.

Picked up the biography of Einstein by Walter Isaacson on a similar vein. Walter wrote Steve Job's biography where I didnt enjoy the writing initially but later warmed up to his approach towards the steve's life.  Unfortunately, 100 pages into the Einstein's story, I had to return it (Note to self: dont talk abt the book to friends/neighbours who share the same public library as yours). I was anyway stalled because they were talking about physics that I was sort of familiar with but couldnt recall entirely - planck's constant and the likes.I almost felt like a refresher course to junior high physics class.  But a recommended read for sure. 

From Third world to first - vayathuerichal( stomach burning) is the word. I will write about this book in detail later but it is amazing how one single man can transform a small city nation that had no chance of survival while we have just faltered completely. An extremely interesting read.I still have couple of chapters left. 

Bridget jones diary was a book that I have thoroughly enjoyed over many many repeated readings. I can flip to a page and always expect a laughter in return. So picked up couple of Sophie Kinsella because it was suggested to be in that lot. IT WASNT. ( yes that demanded capslock) - girls  women finding their true love deal - written in the most cliched way possible. The plots are sometimes interesting - one of the two books I read was about this girl getting the dream life she wanted - rich handsome guy who is madly in love with her except he is super annoying and her life is the most boring. Somewhere all of us have a lesson there, isnt it? But there wasnt anything else engaging abt the book - neither the way it was written/ the characters.

Next 10 days do look promising. I have to be at work when I shouldnt be and I am not travelling. So looks like its story time in sachu kichu land.


SK said...

Happy holidays :--)
Lot of books! Reading at work-a? ;--)

Sachita said...

not reading @ work. dont talk abt work at all.. I moved groups and these ppl stalled my group transition. not in a happy place there so :) but should make enough time otherwise to get to these books.