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Thursday, May 14, 2009


The North Indians never respect us, we said. They call us Kaali, ugly, Madrasis. They scream that our Autowallahs refuse to speak in Hindi without realising that Autowallah had found their own sophisticated cosmopolitan language(Naastha Thuniya). What is common anyway between the Chapathi eaters and us, We asked.

We were never ruled by the same rulers.

So with pride of Cheran, Chozhan and Pandian, we decided to seek Independence, so Tamil nadu was spun off.

Then Coimbatore and erode people complained. The Chennai people think highly of themselves. They think A R Rahman is god(!). When we get lost in the city, they give us wrong directions. They mock our slow and steady Tamil when they don't even speak Tamil.

They have all the software companies, Thirupur said. Chennai looks at us condescendingly for being scared to walk through Ranganathan street, the vecchurava veeran from Madurai said.

So Chennai was spun off.

Annanagar screamed we are way too cosmopolitan to be part of this old city. Mylapore Maamis look down on our lack of distinct culture. TNagar mocks at our new money while resting on their Old Money. So Annanagar was spun off.

And I, who was born in west mambalam and who has spent several summers in Royapettah, lived the rest of my life with the partition woes stacked away in the corner of my mind.


rads said...

Nice post. :)
You are for the most part made of the surroundings you live through. Ive had quite a few Gujarati friends while growing up in Madras, and they take it as it comes. Just be yourself. :)

Born in West mambalama aa? cool! I stayed there for a good few years. Ayodhya Mandapam area :)

Sachita said...

I just don't like boundaries of any kind, I think.

West Mambalam, very few memories. Annanagar than home:)

Saya said...

ha.. love this post.. i thought you were a northie.. from your name.. namma ooru chennai ponna nee? :-)

Sachita said...

north and me are far off.
I never knew Sachita was a real name.

Ps: sachita means consiciousness. when i start out the blog long ago, i wanted to write abt india and such...!

kaushik said...

I grew up in the North, and I am asked to take sides in this stupid Northie-Southie fight...That is much like stuck between a rock and a hard place :)

What can one do if he likes roti and rice, Tamil and Hindi??

Futile fight this...

W.Mambalam area is the best. The bestest :)

Sachita said...

I wrote this as a response to Kashmir issue:)

If we want to divide, we can keep dividing is all i am saying. There is always a reason for division.