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Friday, March 6, 2015

Why do we care about the west thinks anyway?

I havent watched the nirbhaya documentary.( cant revisit the incident).  But  have read the whole hoopla over the documentary.

Before I left India, I would have cared too. But now that in the past  10 years I have seen what these countries have done. They have always been like that, it is just that I understood it better as an Adult.
From invasion of Iraq(I rock) to Bhopal gas incident's response to tons of hazardous crap to western imperialism to the way they deal with their muslims in wake of terrorism. Nothing has been right. Everyone has pointed this out repeatedly in tons of magazines.

Do we ever read a report on them banning or even answering a single question? Why do we have to care?

Ps: Meanwhile we still have to solve the problem, face the problem every day, solve the problem by fighting with not just criminals and society but with the politicians and other influential people in solving the problem.