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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Aandavan kattalai

I know divorce is extremely painful for people involved but the divorce court scenes in Aandavan Kattalai made me want to check out the court in chennai on my next trip. The scenes were super hilarious especially with junior vakkil taking the cake. The characters are going on with their life's up and down in the movie but it is hilarious for you.

Wasnt entirely excited about Ritika singh before this movie, but she was quite good. Her cheek bones are naturally high - without any contouring(now, I dont know even the basics of make up). Not sure why the movie had to have a romantic track in the end. 

This was my first Vijay sethupathi in a theatre, my friend and I were expecting a private screening, unfortunately five other people were there. His performance was on the mark. So was every one else's. It is an ensemble cast including yogi babu( who nailed it in the last few scenes). Even in the last few scenes when it gets heavy, the two dumbos have to get him on a wrong bus! Pretty sure I will be watching this few times.

Got to know only after the movie that Kakka muttai director is the one who directed this movie too. Extremely surprising that some one who does festival circuitish can do a full fun movie too. (loved KM too). Next on my list - kutrame thandanai.


SK said...

Man, I have to watch this movie! Kutrame thandanai was ok ok right?

SK said...

Also caught up on Kakka muttai, what a coincidence!

Sachita said...

Watch this one for sure SK. i am waiting for it to come to some legit stream to watch it again. Yaa kutrame thandanai was ok compared to his other two movies.